manoj in httpd

My cable apparently cut out in the middle of DBZ. grrr.

Fix segv when LoadModule is put into a VirtualHost container.

PR: 6942

Don't build mod_suexec by default. It breaks other platforms, and

since suexec isn't built by default anyway, it makes sense to treat

mod_suexec similarly.

Submitted by: Greg Stein

I didn't know that mod_userdir was even used on Windows. Oops. #ifdef

out Unix-specific portions for now.

Remove an attempt to fix a race condition. The attempt is not

successful, the race condition is not particularly important (people

deleting users in the middle of a request), and the attempt introduces

more thread-safeness problems. Oh, and I thought I had taken this out

already. :)

Add back suexec support.

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London Sun.

Add a temporary pool argument to unixd_pre_config, so that it can call

APR functions (grumble). This is needed for apr_stat, which will be in

the suexec path coming up.

It's dark.

Wireless LANs are soooooo cool. Oh, and the weather was ummm,

something today too...

Eliminate references to specific MPMs from mpm_common.c by having the

MPMs export interfaces to the tables used to keep track of children.

Change semantics of ap_child_table somewhat. Instead of checking for a

dead process with status == SERVER_DEAD, check with pid == 0. This

makes somewhat more sense conceptually, and also matches the behavior

of MPMs that use a shmem scoreboard to track children.

Fix a couple of apparent typos.

Remove all remaining instances in Apache code of


configure is a generated file; hence it should be in .cvsignore.

Eliminate src/apaci, and replace with a header file containing paths:


Allow arguments to buildconf. Makes cvsclean, etc. a bit easier.

Eliminate implicit usage of access.conf and srm.conf.

Minor nit: use top_srcdir instead of topsrcdir, to be more consistent

with autoconf.

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Don't feel like sleeping, there's no one of interest in the bar, and

after some serious harassment of NetSoft, I have a net connection


Part of a fix for not being able to reset the --prefix. This will

allow the installation prefix to be reset after a "make clean". To do

this really properly, all the code that depends on the prefix should

have a dependency in the makefile. This is coming RSN.

Oops, EXTRA_CFLAGS wasn't getting set.

A little CFLAGS reformation. Additions to Apache's CFLAGS should be

using EXTRA_CFLAGS instead, so we don't affect packages that Apache


hehe. Brian's new job.

New job.

Note that module ordering is now done per-hook.

Suggested by: Ben Laurie.

The start of a 2.0 changes document. This will be a basis for Manoj's

ApacheCon 2000 presentation, so please add to this. :)

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Remove vestiges of automake.

I don't have to get up before 2PM for almost 2 weeks!

--include-deps only seems to take advantage of pregenerated

dependencies, and makes the build process refuse to generate them, so

this removes it. It should be used when making a distribution, though.