lars in httpd

add live streaming info

update front page

Adding missing change log entry.

The patch got already committed by Jim in r795758.



add httpd session info

fix typo

add new patch

update the etag patch to use Roy's latest patch

mod_disk_cache now turns off sendfile support if 'EnableSendfile off'

is defined globally.

Reviewed by: Ruediger Pluem, Issac Goldstand, Niklas Edmundsson

fix mod_disk_cache to support EnableSendfile.

propose patch for mod_deflate to fix creation of invalid Etags.

mod_deflate: Fix creation of invalid Etag headers. We now make sure

that the Etag value is properly quoted when adding the gzip marker.

PR 39727.

Update HTTPd security page to point to central /security/ page.


fix outdated book page

It's "ApacheCon Europe" and not "ApacheCon EU".

Fix typo.

update company info ... and my stupid old image ;)

add new MITP book

add new book as requested by author.

added new book entry

Submitted by: Stefan Krumbiegel (Galileo Computing)

fix tiny typo

and this one ...

add my new Apache book

some votes

Fix a small typo.

Revert my patch, adding entities to URLs.

Revert Andre's Patch ...

replacing "&" with "&" in an URL is not a good idea.

More books...