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typos -= 2

"transfered" is not a word.


um, oops?

numbers that are a year old are sort of suspect-sounding. update.

also give the link directly to the survey since that's what it says

it goes to and it always takes me a while to find the darned thing

by hand.

apachecon goodness

also i moved the section about the mirrors down to the bottom because it's redundant and i wanted the thing about the new releases to be closer to the top.

backport from head:

mod_disk_cache: don't store hop-by-hop headers on-disk.

Submitted by: Justin Erenkrantz

Reviewed by: Cliff Woolley, Jeff Trawick

propose for backport. I'm assuming jerenkrantz is +1 since he wrote the

thing and asked me to propose the backport. :-)

grammar police

grammar police


let the voting begin.

i haven't had a chance to review the patch myself yet, but..

repository is opened back up. it turns out it's basically impossible to

delete a branch in CVS without manual intervention -- which i don't want

to do. we'll do it when we convert to SVN, at which point it will be

trivial. in the meanwhile, it's not hurting anything to leave it as-is.

here's a note to remind us to make the change when we convert.

so, hey guys. how 'bout that SVN? :)

make it so.

added an additional fix from jean-jacques. brad, i'll assume you still


"Thanks for checking in the changes to mod_mem_cache.

I think there is a piece missing to that fixe;

the adjustment of the queue_clock value in cache_cache.c


Sorry about not finding/pointing that out before asking you to check in

mod_mem_cache changes:

queue_clock is initialized to 0 when initializing the cache.

Based on the current conditional test (cache_cache.c, line 164):


priority = c->get_pri(ejected);

if (c->queue_clock < priority)

c->queue_clock = priority;


and the fact that the new get_pri() function return a negative value,

queue_clock will NEVER be adjusted with the ejected element priority.

This is a patch that should fix that problem:"

Submitted by: Jean-Jacques Clar

Generally glanced at by: Cliff Woolley (+1 on concept)

(better to get it in there than to

wait around for a year before I get

a chance to really test it)

penguin mints are a tasty treat

annnuther 'un

sunny but frigid today in charlottesville...

Fixed mod_mem_cache so that it doesn't misfile entries in the priority

queue. Previously, since the ->priority value was positive, certain

parts of mod_mem_cache would cause the priority queue to do the wrong thing

when changing the priority of an object in the cache. The end result

would be that the objects would not be dequeued in the right order.

Submitted by: Jean-Jacques Clar, Cliff Woolley

Reviewed by: Paul J. Reder

fix comment

Submitted by: Fitz

fix comment

Submitted by: Fitz


hah, that would have been nice


Add a note about the usertrack borkenness.

get rid of _FOREACH


yep. too bad there are so many places in the code where this problem

appears. i feel like we ought to take the opposite approach and guarantee

that r->filename is never NULL, but oh well. we've gone down this path

instead, so this is clearly a correct fix.

backward compat

put this where it goes, add my +1