jsl in httpd

Update transformations.

Typo fix as per PR44905, submitted by Jamie Taylor <>.

Update transformations. stuff.

Minor doc cleanups as submitted by David Shane Holden <>.

Some minor changes by myself from his patch.

Other transformations.

Backport of r583991.

Build transformations.

Changes as suggested by Lucien Gentis.

Miscellaneous transformation updates.

Backport of r578697 from trunk.

Committing other language transformations.

Fixed a simple version numbering typo, reported by lucien.gentis (at)

Additions of committers, new and old(er).

PR 38751, submitted by Bob Ionescu, resubmitted by Tony Stevenson.

PR 31978, submitted by Ryan Morgan, resubmitted by Tony Stevenson.

Various out-of-date translation version diffs, and a .meta.

Update to include RFC 4346, TLS protocol version 1.1.

Patch submitted by Tony Stevenson, modifications by myself.

Fix a typo, as per PR 40447.

Submitted by Tony Stevenson.

Documentation bug submitted by Luis Parravicini <>.

Fixed broken apache_pb.gif link as pointed out

by Anthony Anderberg <>.

Made suggested changes as mentioned in Bug# 37331 by

Make changes suggested in bugzilla #37074, update transformation.

Make changes suggested in bugzilla #37074, update transformation.

Nitpick; changed for consistency.

Update transformation.

Minor changes.

First round minor changes in the context of SVN.

Minor improvements, including some suggestions from

Garrett Rooney <>.