jgallacher in httpd

(MODPYTHON-243) Fixed format string error.

Documentation housecleaing. Added "Changes from Version 3.3.1" to Appendix.

Added links in Request member docs to server object and connection object.

copied trunk to tags/release-3-3-1
Bumped version strings in preparation for 3.3.1 release.

Small grammar fix in docs.

copied trunk to tags/release-3-3-0b
copied trunk to tags/release-3-3-0-bc1
Synced NEWS file with branches/3.2.x

Preparation for tagging 3.3.0b.

Bumped version strings.

Changed prerequisites to python 2.3.4 and apache 2.0.54.

Fixed the LaTeX tilde character problems in the Docs.

Fixed a broken html link (which contained a tilde).

Added some notes on LaTeX tilde handling to Doc/README so we don't forget

how to do this in the future.

Fixed some typos.

Added link to the mod_python wiki CategorySecurity to the security section

of the Docs. Security documentation will be done in the wiki rather than

in the source distribution docs. (MODPYTHON-19)

Added the mod_python version to the deprecated notes for PythonOption.

Fixed a couple of PythonOption namespace errors in the docs.

Fixed regession for MODPYTHON-119 in tests. One of the unittests was missed

when PythonOption namespace changes were implemented.

Added httpd config section to PSP Handler for use with .psp_.

Remove superfluous connobject server attribute.

Bump version strings.

Fixed conn_log_cerror for apache < 2.0.55 (ie AP_MAGIC less than 20020903.10).

This function falls back to ap_log_error for earlier apache versions,

but was passing conn->server instead of conn->base_server as an argument.

(There is no conn_rec->server element).

Reorganized the changes section of appendix in prepartion for 3.3 release.

(MODPYTHON-119) test_psp_error was automagically creating a dbm file session

file, but the configuration for the test did not include a PythonOption

for the session_directory. Thus the mp_sess.dbm file was being created

in the default location. Running the tests could interfer with another

Apache mod_python instance running on the same host.

(MODPYTHON-59) Excised the code stub for the req.get_session() functionality.

The general idea still has merit, but the proposed solution was wrong.

This issue should be closed. It can always be resurrected in another

form later if desired.

(MODPYTHON-190) Added comments for lines of code which will require attention

for Python 2.5 / 64-bit support. These were the lines that were identified

by the script.

Added new unittest framework code which may be used in

by mod_python in a future release (3.4?).

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  1. … 28 more files in changeset.
Added reserved PythonOption keywords to Docs.

Added missing latex directive \item

Reorganized layout to make it more like trunk/test.

Changed the progress output to include number of requests and %mem.

Fixed segfault in psp.parsestring(src) where src = "".