gsmith in httpd

add include to test_char.h now required


Addendum to r1868930

update makefile to mod_md w/ ACMEv2 and OCSP

VC makefiles do not exist in trunk


update to mod_md 2.0

    • ?
merge r1856322 from trunk

add loadmodule line to sochache_redis to httpd.conf in Windows

merge r1774657 from trunk

add .mak/dep for command line build

adjust per r1855434

image size 0x34000 exceeds specified maximum 0x30000

build mod_proxy before mod_proxy_http2

another followup to r1828485 needs mod_http2.h


add modules/http2 to includes


add mod_http2.h to install now that mod_proxy.h includes it

followup r1828485

needs mod_http2.h

needs mod_http2.h

complete the mod_proxy_uwsgi build

add apreq in Win32

    • ?
mod_proxy_uwsgi Win32 builds

IDE Add project to workspace/solution.

Add the missing pieces for command line build and connect the dots

Follow up r1824709 for command line build which is not in trunk

mod_crypto requires non-default apr-util option. Do not build by default

but require user interaction until apu changes HAVE_CRYPTO default.

LibreSSL doesn't have or require applink.c

copy applink.c in OpenSSL 1.1.0 to from /ms to /include to match location in 1.0.2

ssl_engine_init.c(33) includes mod_md.h

follow up to r1821582

get mod_brotli in build

    • ?
some small tweaks to get things building again

replace mod_socache_redis.dsp as original was corrupted

fix copy & paste error, util_cookies.h is in include not server.

add util_config.c now needed per steffenal.


freetds connector now unsupported in apr-util

conectors are in apr-util



freetds connector now unsupported in apr-util


mod_socache_redis seems to be missing

Win32 Legacy build

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    • ?
    • ?
    • ?
    • ?
    • ?
    • ?
    • ?
Follow up to r1815264

Get items in dsw files, BuildBin.dsp that didn't make 1815264

Make sure abs builds before a2md so applink.c in OpenSSL 1.1.0 gets copied

into same location as it exists in 1.0.2.