gregames in httpd

PR 53104 - %{abc}C truncates cookies whose values contain '='

vote for the 2.2.x pregsub patch

vote for a couple CVE patches

sf's 2.2.x patch for CVE-2011-3607 looks good

the trunk patch for PR 52256 works fine on the latest 2.2.x

garbage C's in server-status and extra processes with async lingering close.

backport r1203708 from trunk.

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garbage C's in server-status and extra child processes with async lingering

close support in Event. these are set by the listener due to a residual

c->sbh for a worker thread no longer associated with the connection.

the associated worker threads are really idle and blocked in

ap_queue_pop_something and will serve new work normally. but since they

are marked as SERVER_CLOSING rather than SERVER_READY in the scoreboard,

the parent process thinks they are busy and forks extra children.

reproduction recipe: start Event with server-status enabled. hit

localhost/server-status?refresh=5 and watch the C's trail behind the lone W.

ap_core_translate: factor out duplicate code. no functional change.

reverting. got feedback that maybe we don't want to merge 4-5,1-2 into 1-5

merge totally reversed ranges like 4-5,1-2 into 1-5

I interpret the former test

if (!(end <= ostart || start-1 >= oend)) {


if (not(end is bad || start is good)) { merge }

ORing the bad condition with the good doesn't produce the desired result.

it is not necessary to test "end" due to the conditions tested in the assert.

no longer used

* prevent a fork bomb if the accept mutex is clobbered by exiting with

APEXIT_CHILDSICK if the worker process hasn't served any requests

* move the accept mutex error leg into its own function to take advantage of

common code and to keep rarely executed instructions out of the mainline

instruction cache.

no longer amusing.

I'll still pay off if somebody does it legitimately, but I haven't been

to Apachecon in ages so we'll have to work out a different delivery

mechanism. With the stability of the 2.0.x and 2.2.x releases and

Moore's Law in effect for the last decade, it might be possible...


vote for a mod_substitue backport

the CRLF following 100 Continue needs to be sent as ASCII on EBCDIC


vote & promote.

this is clearly an improvement. but I am partial to the Event version which

eliminates unneeded condition signalling.

vote & promote proxy smax patch

vote, propose a backport

stash the brigade used by send_bucket_downstream in the filter context for


Submitted by: Dan Poirier <poirier>

PR 45687: Detect and pass along error buckets

Submitted by: Dan Poirier <poirier>

Reviewed by: trawick

worker/event MPMs: graceful-stop doesn't work if the listener thread is

waiting for an available worker thread. PR 43081

Reported by: Paul Querna

Debugged by: Takashi Sato [takashi]

get the Event MPM to compile again

The response to the TRACE method is partially garbled on an EBCDIC platform.

Send the request line and trailing CRLF in ASCII.

Submitted by: David Jones <oscaremma>

Reviewed and tested by: gregames

this appears to be a "mv" rather than a "swap", so we should be able to

simplify & shave off a couple of cycles.

propose a backport

the cost of synchronized SMP proof updates far outweighs the value of having

100% accurate MaxRequestsPerChild.

* it doesn't even count requests, it counts connections.

* all it is is a number someone pulls out of a hat in an attempt to deal with

resource leaks.

i.e., no strong need for accuracy.

atomic operations are relatively expensive and this is mainline code.

don't need the definitions for error buckets any more

rev 556028 / 554011 to mod_deflate are externally visible, so mention it


* generalize from error buckets to metadata buckets

* also applicable to the deflate input filter

* pass along metadata buckets rather than giving up mid-stream

vastly improved by: Rüdiger Plüm