gbenson in httpd

These numbers are in hex

Content-length headers don't seem to get added to POST requests with

empty bodies, causing httpd to return a 411 Length Required.

Handle the Include directive whilst parsing httpd.conf.

Note that this has a slightly bizarre side-effect: if httpd.conf

is a directory then it will be descended and all files it contains

will be parsed.

Fix breakages when register_globals is off in php.ini

HPUX calls it's shared libraries `.sl'.

Work correctly when the response is empty, for instance when we

are pinging the server to see if it has warmed up yet.

Ensure that responses have headers

Send headers when used with Apache 1.3

M-x untabify (my fault, not Joe's)

Compile correctly for Apache 1.3.

Submitted by: Joe Orton <>

Use less memory

- compartmentalise the directives as much as is possible

- don't use so much memory

    • ?
  1. /test/trunk/perl-framework/t/htdocs/limits
Solaris reports "coredump(blocks) unlimited"

Fix for Apache 1.3

fixed for 1.x, and enabled

these work with 1.x, so enable them

Remove workaround for 1.3 bug that was fixed in 1.3.22

switch to using Apache:Test:config

I wonder if we just aren't leaving enough time for the shutdown function

to actually execute...

HOSTNAME and HOSTTYPE cannot be relied upon, so we explicitly set our

own versions of them instead.

Using error_log seems to cause no end of problems, so we touch a file

to indicate success instead.