fabien in httpd

add vote for r1734412
mod_authz_host: add a new "forward-dns" authorization type

This new type does not rely on reverse DNS lookups.

Add a hint about how CONNECT-method requests are filtered out by <Proxy>,

and how to enable them. I could not find this information easily.

In particular, the straightforward <Proxy>... does

not allow CONNECT to the corresponding SSL server. Probably it would work

if a web client sent a "GET HTTP/1.1" to the

proxy, but none would do that.

macro parameter definitions and uses must match exactly

Add "mod_macro" as a standard module, compiled in with "most".

This module was created in 1998 and has been distributed independently

ever since. It is hereby donated to the Apache Software Foundation.

There are quite a few comments in the source code to explain how it works,

as well as extensive non regression tests.

Some utilities about array processing could be moved to "core.c".

However, I finally decided against for now so that it stays as an external

and independent module, and thus may be backported with minimal impact

on the source tree.

Details of the addition:

* modules/core/mod_macro.c: module source code

* modules/core/test: non regression tests

modules/core/test/conf/: configuration files

modules/core/test/ref/: expected results

* docs/manual/mod/mod_macro.xml: English documentation

* docs/manual/mod/ French documentation

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add missing space for paragraph alignment.

Tell CHANGES about added 'Warning' directive.

remove C99 features from 'Warning' directive handling

Add minor 'Warning' directive as defined in current mod_macro.

* server/core.c: add 'Warning' directive by extending the 'Error'

directive implementation. The 'Error' behavior is slightly changed

so as to use verbose ap_log_error instead of returning the message.

* docs/manual/mod/core.xml: add documentation for 'Warning'.

* server/config.c: add comment about syntax vs configuration errors.