dreid in httpd

Add a note about the ap_satisfies mess we currently have.

This should cure the build issues people are having and would

seem to be closer to the correct solution.

Having this defined as a symbol without it being set seems

plain wrong.

- tidy up some of the comments and make the file more readable

- add a define for ap_satisfies which is now an optional fn. Without

this httpd crashes with a SIGBUS when calling ap_satisfies.

This gets mod_authz_svn working again with trunk.

- add a first pass at a "real" doap file for the httpd project.

This needs to be maintained and so we should add details to the

file detailing how to issue a release :-)

- try to add a note to explain the behaviour of clients use a pipelined

connection wrt to MaxRequestsPerChild and KeepAlive.

Catch up with the changes to mod_ssl and rename the

function pointer to reflect the change. With this change

this module now builds again.

- remove ssl_ext_lookup and replace it with ssl_ext_list

- change ssl_expr_eval_oid to use ssl_ext_list

This change provides for a singfle function that provides an array of all

values from a certificate that match a given extension and removes the

duplictaed code that was present.

Reviewed by: Joe Orton

Record the fact that we failed to set the username as requested.

This is useful to know as the most likely cause will be a misconfiguration

and so should be easily fixed, but to be fixed it's helpful if you're

aware it needs fixed!

Change where we set r->user if we're setting it from a

client certificate.

Remove some more uneeded code.

Fix setting of per-thread request limit

Actually restart threads following a restart signal

Try to keep the mpm_state a little more accurately.

Better handling of ONE_PROCESS.

Fix restarts and shutdowns so we no longer segfault.

Revise the beos mpm into the new world order that is heralded by

APR 1.0 :)

Simplification and more comments.

This patch is Jeff's APMPMQ_MPM_STATE

patch for the beos mpm. It isn't quite as all encompassing as

Jeff's but at least it provides the basics until experience

can be gained in how it performs.

Add my entry.

Adjust the sizes of the pollsets we create/use so that we work again.

With the poll change we seem to have improved performance. :)

Fix the build on BSDi machines. The bsd_makefile trick didn't completely

work as autoconf may run config.status and remove the fixes we've just

applied, so this allows us to workaround that problem.

Initailly suggested by Cliff, this is a modified version.

Fix ab so it will now build on a platform lacking in writev and ssl.

Yes such poor under privileged platforms do exist (BeOS R5 and before).

Bring the beos mpm into the new age with the new lock functions and some

small corrections to get us building again.

This brings apache back in line with apr following the addition

of apr_file_dup2.

Until Win32 and OS/2 have the function added this will break their

builds, but Will Rowe has said he'll do it this morning and asked for

the patch to apr to go in :) Go Will!

Restore the apr_pool_clear calls to main.c in case we have

third-parties who are overriding the open_logs hook, in which case

they'd miss the plog being cleared.

Submitted by: Justin <>

Update the FreeBSD saga...

This small patch modifies the log's to use plog instead of pconf.

Basically pconf is cleared at different times from plog, and this

has the effect of leaving stderr closed when going into the next

stage of the config. This also had the effect of allowing FreeBSD

with threads to create a pipe with stderr's fd at one end, and this

resulted in problems with the signal polling and high cpu usage.

In addition, move the clearing of plog from main.c to core.c where

it seems more appropriate.

This solves the first and main problem that FreeBSD has with the

threaded MPM's.

Cold and dark here...

There's snow on the ground! It's cold. It's windy. Must be Michigan!!

Add ap_os_killpg as well as unixd_killpg and beosd_killpg.

Move the worker MPM to use ap_os_killpg in place of unixd_killpg as

this makes it more portable.

Ryan notes that really we should be using the POD mechanism to

control death of the child processes, so this is temporary until

we have that change in place. Note added to STATUS to that effect.

unixd.h is included in mpm.h so shouldn't need to be included here as well.

This allows platforms without the _NP locking palaver to build

the worker MPM.

Add a beosd_accept function. If the worker MPM is used this is


This fixes a segfault that showed up on BeOS and may catch other systems.