dgaudet in httpd

in the 6 months or so since i last read my mailboxes there were

a lot of support questions that went unanswered... many because i'm

still listed as active. time to make this page reflect reality :)

rev 1.248 of this file removed the default locking mechanism

from unixware 7.0. instead it should have just defined

SINGLE_LISTEN_UNSERIALIZED_ACCEPT (since locking is always required for

multiple sockets).

ErrorDocument 404 pointing to a parsed html file with a

<!--#include virtual="file" --> with a request URI containing

%2f would result in a segfault (NULL pointer deref, not a

security problem).

PR: 8362

we have to unescape the hostname at some point... this seems to be the

easiest. (having just gone through all the parsing code again i'm

thinking it would have been nice to have all the parsing and validity

checks in one place.)


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- add some missing distclean targets

- use DISTCLEAN_TARGETS and CLEAN_TARGETS everywhere (to be consistent

with other macros and with APR)

- warn that aclocal.m4 is a generated file

linux kernel hackers indicated that it was time

for apache to drop the serialisation on linux; and a

switch to sysv semaphores is preferred for performance.

see <> in

new-httpd archive for more details.

Submitted by: Andrew Morton <>

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switching jobs again

finish cleaning up after a change i made over 3 years ago.

- fix POOL_DEBUG ... restored the ap_pool_joins that dreid removed.

- removed the apr_abort foo since every caller was passing it NULL anyway;

and this is debugging code, so i don't have any qualms about using

stderr or abort().

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fix nagle

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another iteration on the saferead/bhalfduplex stuff ... there was a

commented out bhalfduplex call which ryan missed; and which was a bit

more troublesome to solve with the iol interface.

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fix dependencies. (what is a .lo anyway? i tried making the .o depend

on the .h which is how dependencies usually work, but the other rules

didn't work out right unless i used a .lo ... i suppose this only matters

to folks building with -j N)

Add `IndexOptions +VersionSort', to nicely sort filenames

containing version numbers.

Submitted by: Martin Pool <>

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fix buglet in example

fix buglet in example

more namespace cleanup

looks sunny out there

update about saferead

go dirk go, RAW_ARGS is evil. added a TODOC.

+1000 on dirk's change... and add a TODOC: which is the token i used when

doing the initial mpm stuff to indicate required documentation changes.

even more distclean goodness (there's still more... time for zzz though)

more missing from css

missing from css patch

it's more traditional in autoconf projects for "make distclean" to clean

up things such as the apaci script, rather than "make clean".

some messed up comments... just copied in the license again from main/http_main.c hope that was right

more post-old-style Configure cleanup

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use send/recv instead of write/read in proxy_connect -- fixes

https through proxy on NT.

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clean up a bunch of -Wall/etc warnings

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