colm in httpd

Update the doap.rdf file for 1.3.42

Use the correct release date.

Add a space between name and GPG key.

1.3.41 -> 1.3.42 , now with added UTF8

1.3.41 -> 1.3.42

Bump the dev version - no longer 42; so long, and

thanks for all the fish.

Tag 1.3.42

Bump versions to 1.3.42

Commit fix for CVE-2010-0010, an integer overflow on platforms where

sizeof(int) < sizeof(long) due to inappapriate casting;

* Change "MIN( (int) a, (int) b)" to "(int) MIN(a, b)". As 'a' is the buffer

size, it will be smaller than any long which overflows an int.

* More generally - change ap_bread and ap_bwrite to defend against a negative

length argument in general. Return -1 if one is passed.

advise dash users to try changing the shell 'configure' invokes.

Add a CHANGES entry for Jim's change in r702162. Thanks to Rainer for spotting it!

Advise users that apache 1.3.x is now "end of life".

Abusing ages-old CTR policy for 1.3 non-code changes to sync the names for the

current Apache httpd group with what's on

. Names in the former list have been merged (e.g. Greg Ames).

Downside is that as we lack affiliations for the new list, I've deleted

them - however based on the folk I know , the affiliations were mostly


2009 -> 2010 in our two copyright notices.

Add a URL for the proposed patch, much easier than finding a years old

e-mail in archives and extracting the attachment.

dust the cobwebs, fix a backport proposal and cast some votes;

* +1 on the Win32 RewriteLog problem

* Translate nd's 2.x mod_log_config patch to 1.3, propose it,

and clear all of the old votes.

* +1 to the mod_whatkilledus patch

Correct the time-range for the time-based rewrite rule and warn about the effects of caches.

Adding missed </p>

Fixup for two grammar nits - pluralisation and articulation.

Rewrite the "cluster" section of the rewrite docs. Changes;

* Call the technique "sharding" - like the rest of the world does.

* Simplify to just one example use-case, sharding users.

* Make the usage of the term "physical host" consistent.

* Remove unreachable nonsense rewrite rules

* Remove redundant sentences.

Permit the non-presence of a domain in a List-Post: header.

Fix near-identical potential NULL pointer dereferences, as found by

Jorton and corrected in r514915

Prevent format specifier busting.

Correct a spurious access to whatever memory is at location "1" in the

cirumstance where a log line is of the form "nn.nn.nn.nn ".

correct some indentation, no functional changes

Use the specified IPv4 prefix for documentation and examples (

from RFC3330 rather than non-reserved public internet addresses and some

RFC1918 addresses.

A keepalive response need not neccessarily have included any content-length

header, handle this case properly for 304 responses. PR39789

Mark 2.0.58 as released

demote 2.0.x

Prepare the 2.0.58 announcement text. The XHTML transforms are

not being done at this time.