coar in httpd

Quote log-sink arguments for {Custom,Error,Transfer}Log directive.

Except syslog and journal, which are keywords. There's no harm

in quoting those, but no real point to it, either.

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Simply remove trailing whitespace.

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* Remove trailing whitespace from a bunch of *.xml files

* Quoted arguments to Rewrite{Base,Cond,Map,Rule}.

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Break <highlight language="commit">foo</highlight> into separate lines.

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Quote path/URL arguments to Proxy* directives.

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Quote ScriptAlias and DocumentRoot arguments.

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Quote {Alias,Redirect,ScriptAlias}{,Match} arguments.

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Enclose parameters in quotation marks for <{Files,Directory,Location}{,Match}>


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Quote filesystem paths.

Put individual items in quotation marks.

Put quotation marks around the <Location> path.

A little syntax fixup, and put quotation marks around

patterns and expressions.

Quote DocumentRoot filesystem paths.

Don't use &quot; in code.

Following up on BZ 53530.. putting quotation marks around

arbitrary-text, complex, and/or filesystem directive arguments.

More to do..

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Related to httpd-doc bug 53530; uniform use of quotation marks.

Put quotation marks around most arbitrary-text or filesystem

strings for directives:

* {Alias,Redirect,Proxy*}{,Match}

* <{Directory,Files,Location}{,Match}>

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make the check for GMT offset occur each time through the loop,

in case a switch between standard and daylight savings time

occurred. (correction to previous code courtesy of Uli Zappe.)

PR: 24417

Submitted by: Uli Zappe <uli>

oops; left over from an earlier version

add "-l" option to indicate interval is based on localtime not gmt

another case where a perl error sometimes obscures test results

perl error sometimes obscures test results

bah, missing value for $vars->{apxs} (a reasonable condition) threw an "uninitialised value" message

note the -httpd_conf_extra addition

add an '-httpd_conf_extra <filename>' option to allow

an *additional* server config file to be inherited as

well as the server's main one (or one specified with


Reviewed by: stas

motion forward appears to be paying attention solely to httpd 2,

with the result that 1.3 support is being broken unknowingly.

patch in some compatibility changes to let 1.3 be tested on windows.

use a cleaner way to special-case v1ness (thanks to stas)

too many assumptions that things will stay the same

we need to explicitly export symbols on AIX when compiling

1.3 modules; set that up. (it's not necessary with the way

2.0 is built.) also, change some assumptions about '/' being

the path separator. there are more, but not right now..

make library name usage safe for space-including paths.

Reviewed by: stas