chuck in httpd

Oh fudge, forgot to change location


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add mug of appropriate dimensions


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April weather in PA

Clean up warnings pointed out by WRowe

what u just got (with the mod_proxy HTTP 1.1 change)

The rest of the proxy http 1.1 switch

The core code touch for the proxy HTTP 1.1 switch

clean up comment

forgot this

Remove Explain debug code and replace with ap_log_*

Honor Pragma: no-cache for HTTP 1.0. The 1.3 proxy rewrite and 2.0 code

already handles both cases (Pragma: and Cache-Control:)

PR: 5668

Submitted by: Kim Bisgaard <>

Reviewed by: Chuck Murcko

mod_proxy fixes

fix truncated line

PR: 6055

Pass back cookies properly through reverse proxy

PR: 6055

Obtained from: "Eidelman, Brian" <>

Submitted by: "Eidelman, Brian" <>

Reviewed by: Chuck Murcko

Fixes problems with origin server connection close if client dies

Fixes CacheForceCompletion directive

PR: 7383, 8067, 8090

Obtained from: Alexey Panchenko <>

Submitted by: Alexey Panchenko <>

Reviewed by: Chuck Murcko

Close the same directive we open

Make the body read in proxy http handler nonblocking. There's no sense

in serializing 4-8 client connections into a single origin server

connection, as is the blocking behavior.

Added instrumentation that we don't want compiled in normally to assist in

debugging chunking problems. apr_get_brigade is apparently blocking during

chunked body fetch, or proxy_http_handler is getting deadlocked with

the dechunk filter. Show PID for prefork debugging. We'll figure out

getting TIDs later.

Sorting things out

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fix warning

fix params for logging call

Fix abort code path for HTTP proxy. Similar to Victor's patch for FTP

proxy. No, Julia, it really *is* a double negative.

FTP return code variable cleanup; fixed login bug (same var used for

return code and loop index)

Reorganize ap_proxy_string_read() internally to not process eos buckets.

Some servers send no response to FTP QUIT command and just close the

connection. Remove result code check for QUIT. We gave them fair


moved CHANGES here


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Use apr-util's date functions now

Add the AP_DECLARE()/AP_CORE_DECLARE macros on the return types of

functions used by mod_proxy for export in DLL

Submitted by: Ian Holsman <>

Reviewed by: Chuck murcko


Track Greg's change to byte count for input filters

Be type safe, avoid possible buffer overrun