bhyde in httpd

Hot, humid but a clear autumn sky.

simpler, more secure, easier to release, less conflict, more convival

Eliminate warning about create_argv_cmd being unused. Code's topology needs work.

Remove two bogus decls.

Redundent and out of synch global.

Remove all but one WIN32 from http_main. Other minor changes.

Well this was thought provoking.

Drive out the use of malloc in two places.

In listen.c, using the global process pool instead. That changes the

API into listen so that a process is passed in rather than the config

pool. That's all was easy.

The pain is propogating a change into all N of the mpm, they

are all similar but different in their use of listen.c There

is a lot to dislike about similar but code scattered code.

I changed the N setup_listener routines, they now take only

the server since they can dig the config and global pool

out of there.

Free today: ap_setup_prelinked_modules now takes the process so it

can allocate it's table in the process's pool rathern than use


Add process_rec to the top of {server,connection,request}_rec

hierarchy of structs that abstract server activities. Store some

stuff in process_rec (finally a place to have nearly guiltless

globals) for example the global and configuration pools. Put some

operations on process_rec in http_main, in particular the

destroy_and_exit operation, and the use it to do all the exit calls.

Change ap_read_config to operation on this "object" rather than on the

configuration pool. Modify server_rec to point to the process, so you

can get at it most all the time which should finally allow most of the

server's malloc calls to be eliminated.

There are no locks in the process struct as yet, put them in as needed.

Some of the hooks should take this rather than conf. pool.


Changed my mind, ptemp maybe "systolic" but since it is empty

during the entire time the server is serving it's best to destroy it.

Man! This file vastly improved. Thanks Dean!

Use the abstraction API_EXPORT_NONSTD for exporting main (aka

apache_main). Use clear rather than destroy on ptemp as other

'systolic' pools do. That also fixing a leak of the first ptemp

created. Let the destroy of pglobal to all the cleanup. Meanwhile,

all exit paths should destroy pglobal so the cleanup/unwind gets run

and this routine sets a bad example by having many exits that don't -

another day.


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Remove obsolete ap_util_init function.

Add a search field and reorder TOC based to usage patterns.

When you marry the technical expertise with the knowledge of and essence of the brand...

Follow thru on the cronolog discussion that took place in May.

The craft knowledge about how to setup emacs TAGS tables.

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