ask in httpd

remove "Apache console on Windows" on issue. that was resolved recently, no?

update URL for libapr

add a few binaries we carry.

make a clued guess on how we can work on future versions of FreeBSD.

The FreeBSD port collection patches it like this.



add self. these files are horribly out of sync.

on a5 now.


add self

add self

correct some typos from the last commit.

add changes list

remove snippet about why the apache project was organized. I would think people

reading the annouement knows now.

try to remove a little more corporatespeak

I vaguely recall a discussion about it, but don't remember the outcome.

we should really recommend using rsync with support for "soft links"

so I've added that.

fix mirrors mailinglist subscribe information.

clarify that it's not possible to mirror via ftp.

a few changes that should be in the next announcement. I still think this is

waaaay too corporatespeakish and that we should add more information about

how to get involved with development.

And is it true that we're still particularly less stable on Win32?