sahil takiar <> in hadoop

HADOOP-16371: Option to disable GCM for SSL connections when running on Java 8.

Contributed by Sahil Takiar.

This moves the SSLSocketFactoryEx class from hadoop-azure into hadoop-common

as the DelegatingSSLSocketFactory and binds the S3A connector to it so that

it can avoid using those HTTPS algorithms which are underperformant on Java 8.

Change-Id: Ie9e6ac24deac1aa05e136e08899620efa7d22abd

HADOOP-16379: S3AInputStream.unbuffer should merge input stream stats into fs-wide stats

Contributed by Sahil Takiar

Change-Id: I2bcfaaea00d12c633757069402dcd0b91a5f5c05

HADOOP-16321: ITestS3ASSL+TestOpenSSLSocketFactory failing with java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkErrors

HDFS-14482: Crash when using libhdfs with bad classpath

HADOOP-14747. S3AInputStream to implement CanUnbuffer.

Author: Sahil Takiar <>

HADOOP-16050: s3a SSL connections should use OpenSSL

(cherry picked from commit aebf229c175dfa19fff3b31e9e67596f6c6124fa)

HDFS-14394: Add -std=c99 / -std=gnu99 to libhdfs compile flags

Signed-off-by: Todd Lipcon <>

HDFS-14348: Fix JNI exception handling issues in libhdfs

This closes #600

Signed-off-by: Todd Lipcon <>

HDFS-14304: High lock contention on hdfsHashMutex in libhdfs

This closes #595

Signed-off-by: Todd Lipcon <>