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Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/develop' into new_android_skins



Remove android.css since it has been merged into defaults.css

Move TextSkinBase to correct package

Move to correct package

Cleanup imports

Update android css skins (this file will be deleted shortly)

Include all Android skins so that they will get compiled into mobiletheme.swc

Merge Android4.x skins into defaults.css First the default skins appear, then Android specific skins overwrite the default ones

Add Roboto fonts to compile-config.xml so that they will be included in mobiletheme.swc

Include android fonts

Fix package name of spark/components/ Fix constructor name

Add Apache license header

Add android4 specific TextSkinBase

Add AndroidPlatformVersionOverride to FrameworkClasses

Renaming class to AndroidPlatformVersionOverride as that makes more sense

Adding a mixin to set android os version during AIR simulation Updated android4x.css with os-version media queries.

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Adding fonts. Edit the LICENSE file to mention the font files

New Android4.x skin for ViewMenu and ViewMenuItems that matches

Skins for VScrollBar and HScrollBar

Cleaned up SpinnerListContainerSkin while working on DateSpinnerSkin Fixed ActionBarSkin (removed unnecessary bottom padding)

Added new component MobileBusyIndicator. It has only an Android 4.x specific skin for now. The current BusyIndicator's visual will be moved into an iOS 7 specific skin later.

StageTextInput and StageTextArea skins. Contributed by Aaron Nash. Details here:

Fix visual artifacts in Callout skin

Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/develop' into new_android_skins

Revert "Fix for issue FLEX-34320"

This reverts commit 798194db5eaf9aa28db4fd6027f78b40bb15800d.

Make SpinnerListSkin and SpinnerListContainerSkin work with all supported DPIs

Revert "FLEX-34222 fix selection reverting to previous typed values when second value (not in list) is entered"

This reverts commit 05ea4798b51a03ef94576f17512473296a5d42a1.

Android 4.x skins for SpinnerList. Contributed by Aaron Nash here: I made some tweaks to the skin to make it consistent with the color scheme I am working with.

Android 4.x skin for Callout

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Fixed bug in current CalloutArrow