justin mclean <> in flex-sdk

Ignore failure on copying flash flex kit as it doesn't exist on linux. May be a better way of doing this as it could hide other failures.

Merge commit 'd90867218312b97113ce7c50c5232f6e5ceee9be'

mobile theme docs are not compiling on Linux (probably old AIR version?)

no support for automation flash flex kit on linux

source clean was removing player libs on jenkins job

order matters when you compile the flash integration

setup does a clean which is removing the flash player downloads in the jenkins job

flash integration not supported on linux

testing if we can make a release build target without running the tests

Merge branch 'release4.16.0'

Merge branch 'develop' of into develop

Merge branch 'release4.16.0' into develop



update version

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update version and remove duplicate air line

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Hard code saxon jar name so ant scripts work

Fixed downlaod ant script to copy saxon9 notices

Added saxon9 notice files as we can no longer easily download them. Can't place in lib/external as it's cleaned and git ignored

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Fix 3rd party download issues

Merge branch 'release4.16.0' of into release4.16.0

Fix regression issue. Turns out LabelUtil.itemToLabel has side effects and text was not updated on control unless called

Update year to 2017

Update year to 2017

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Update year to 2017

Update year to 2017

Update year to 2017

Added no browse option to top finder from popping up

Copy contents of directory rather than directory

Added support for FP 24.0

update to mention support for AIR/Flash 24.0

Added support for AIR and flash player 24.0