alex harui <> in flex-sdk

missing headers

ignore saxon parts

add AwesomeUtils

sync up our KEYS file with dist

fix download cache

don't run jar checks on Windows

use raw so we don't have to deal with redirects from http to https that Ant can't handle

try to fix install

download using ant vars

fix a few things

hide asc classes

didn't mean to commit that file

FLEX-35084 add -broker-local-connection and -broker-product-manager options

use flex download cache if downloads fail

fix issues found by Falcon's resolver. Unlike MXMLC, Falcon will always choose the local variable even if it masks a static or instance method. MXMLC seems to resolve to the static or instance method

try removing slash. Maven suddenly seems to care?

try removing slash

Merge branch 'develop' of into develop

fix script

this got these test to pass on my mac

try to fix these tests

update approval script

Merge branch 'release4.15.0' into develop

update a few more version vars so mustella test passes

Merge branch 'release4.15.0' into develop

Revert "Fix for (Embedded fonts not working on charts)"

This reverts commit 636859085bbd6794ce6b3950727e20c5aa2a665d.

    • -1
    • +1
update approval script with binary package checks

try blazeds 4.7.2

fix missing import

fix downloading from mirrors given new json format from infra