alex harui <> in flex-falcon

got 'ant all' to work

test commit

try to get more info on failures

need these for fdb

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assume where playerglobal should be

impls can be null

add class aliases to JS info structure

add -js-compiler-option=--skip_type_inference to get around GCC flow analysis bugs

go back to 0626

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fix param types

ignore GCC warnings from Closure Library

try upgrading to latest GCC

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generate class alias info

use IModule to detect Module compilation

fix using _id instead of id for JS localId output

try to fix maven build

allow ';' as separator between multiple additional compiler options

initial support for modules

some binding expressions don't return a definition

upgrade to GCC 20170626

control which getter/setters get renamed by GCC by faking a set of externs. AFAICT that is what @export on the Object.defineProperties object did. It didn't actually create an export alias like exportSymbol per class, it just prevented renaming of the object keys with that name

upgrade to Google Closure Compiler 20170626. They deprecated a lot of APIs so lots of changes were required. The primary change is that GCC is being more careful about checking that types match in the superclasses, so that required adding @type to the accessors

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don't allow renames of MXML IDs

option to skip @export statements in most JS output

allow a magic 'localId' property that works like the 'id' property but is not set on the component so doesn't get factored into CSS calculations.

update test to include 'transform'

add 'transform' to the list of CSS functions. Maybe we should allow all functions, but then it won't catch misspelled functions. If other functions are needed, add it to these two files

fix a call to super

output cordova.log with CLI output

handle bad configs. NPE is thrown in some cases