timothyjward in felix

[converter] Fix for FELIX-6141 - Avoid NPE when Maps have null keys or values

Signed-off-by: Tim Ward <>

[converter] Add support for spec mandated types

Includes: MonthDay, YearMonth, Instant, Duration

Fixes: FELIX-6138

Signed-off-by: Tim Ward <>

[FELIX-6100] Avoid infinite loop when converting null to a multi-dimensional array

More tests and fix the silly mistake!

Signed-off-by: Tim Ward <>

FELIX-6065 Support the use of wildcard types in conversions
FELIX-6064 Be lenient when converting from a DTO type with no public no-args constructor
FELIX-6063 Avoid using getDeclaredXXX() in the converter
[FELIX-6061] Avoid using getDeclaredMethods which needs a permission check
Add a capability advertising that the HttpService is provided by this bundle

Fixes [FELIX-6029]