rickhall in felix

Apply patch (FELIX-5196) to use case insensitive matching in requirements.

Applied patches (FELIX-5189) to fix improper parsing of capabilities.

Apply patch to avoid resolve failures for optional fragments (FELIX-5061)

Apply patch (FELIX-4897) to make sure fragment dynamic candidates are

properly inserted into the candidates list.

Apply patch (FELIX-4762) to eliminate excessive memory consumption when

resolving some require-bundle scenarios.

Apply patch FELIX-4727 to correctly handle namespaces in wrapped resources.

Fix misspelt property. (FELIX-4701)

Apply patch (FELIX-4569) to fix some issues that arise under Windows 8.

Apply patch (FELIX-4524) to fix index out of bounds exception.

Formatting changes.

Apply patch FELIX-4498 to improve handling of optional requirements.

Apply patch FELIX-4497 to improve handling of substitutable exports.

Apply patch FELIX-4428 to fix bug in handling of fragment candidate capabilities.

Apply patch FELIX-4495 to stop ignoring candidates from already resolved fragments.

Apply patch FELIX-4494 to fix improperly wrapped fragment capabilities.

Forgot to add new file from last commit for FELIX-4493.

Apply patch FELIX-4493 to add support for "on demand" resource


Apply patch FELIX-4492 to improve logging and diagnostics.

Apply patch FELIX-4182 to address some package space consistency bugs.

Depend on non-jsr14 OSGi API jar.

Add back an internal method to return fragments associated with a wiring

to avoid out-of-order parallel array issue. (FELIX-3701)

String.split() behaves differently in Java8 so apply patch to

handle this better. (FELIX-4425)

Bundle class loader should lock on the class loader object when not running

parallel capable, otherwise it should lock on the class locks map. (FELIX-4462)

Modify extension bundle parsing to assume "framework" is the default value

for the extension directive on extension bundle Fragment-Host headers. (FELIX-4355)

BundleWiring.getResource() method was not implemented. (FELIX-4353)

Adjust formating to match style.

Modify format to adhere to style.

Make sure we close input stream after reading framework version. (FELIX-4365)

Apply patch (FELIX-4283) to throw unthrown exception.

Apply patch (FELIX-4284) to remove unneeded code.