fmeschbe in felix

FELIX-4890 Add a MetaType service InventoryPrinter

* add default values and option labels/values to the

AttributeDefinition output

FELIX-4890 Add a MetaType service InventoryPrinter
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  1. /webconsole-plugins/metatype/src/main/java
  2. /webconsole-plugins/metatype/src/main/java/org
FELIX-4792 Catch Throwable during initial initialization of components and log
FELIX-4692 Improve service access time

Applying patch FELIX-4692-2.patch:

* Guard matches.retainAll(caps) in CapabilitySet.match(Set, SimpleFilter)

* Return Collection from ServiceRegistry.getServiceReferences(String, SimpleFilter)

instead of creating a new ArrayList

* Use SimpleFilter.MATCH_ALL filter for service access without a service

class instead of SimpleFilter.PRESENT

FELIX-4730 Use empty string for the servlet path if the alias denotes the root servlet
FELIX-4674 Applying extended patch by Dominique Pfister (thanks alot)

The extension to the patch is the addition of support for listing included protocols

and add more words to the metatype descriptions.

FELIX-4664 "Downgrade" Servlet API dependency to Servlet API 2.3 (the minimum required)

and adapt the unit test with internal API to retrieve the header(s) for validation.

FELIX-4460 Properly stop the server using the stopJetty method
FELIX-4460 Prevent misconfigured connector the server from starting

Reorganize startup to setup and start connectors only after having started

the server. If no connector can be started, log a message and stop the

server again to prevent having the HttpService registered without it

actually being able to serve requests.

FELIX-4438 Set jetty.version system property injecting the correct Jetty version

into the Jetty Server class.

FELIX-4437 Pass the correct ZIP status to the InventoryPrinterHandler
FELIX-4430 Provide bundles using exported packages along with the version at which the exports are imported
FELIX-4427 Fix bundle generation

The exported packages have to be fully listed and then the bundle

plugin is actually able to export the same packages twice with

different versions

FELIX-4427 Also import Http Service API to cooperate with other bundles

also exporting the Http Service API, such as the compendium bundle

FELIX-4427 Need the API bundles for the tests now
FELIX-4427 Fix bundle version and make sure locale properties are included
FELIX-4427 Fix API exports

- Add OSGi Http Service API to API bundle

- Depend on Servlet API 2.3 in the API bundle

(first Servlet API supporting Filter)

- Remove Servlet and Http Service API exports

from Jetty bundle

FELIX-4427 Create Servlet API export bundle

- based on Tomcat Servlet API 7.0.8

- Export at version 2.6 and 3.0

FELIX-4408 Fix lower casing in special case locales (such as Turkish) where

some characters have special case upper and lower case characters.

(applied slightly modified patch by Tobias Bocanegra, thanks alot)

FELIX-4389 Apply patch by Tobias Bocanegra fixing field hiding issue (thanks for the patch!)
Update changelog
FELIX-4389 Add support for jaas.ranking to order LoginModuleFactory services.

(Thanks Tobias Bocanegra for providing the patch)

- For backwards compatibility support for service.ranking is retained

if the jaas.ranking property is missing

- Also consolidated the service property and configuration constants

FELIX-4390 Make sure OsgiLoginModuleProvider instances are updated

when configuration is updated

(Thanks Tobias Bocanegra for providing the patch)

FELIX-4387 Get configuration early in the constructor before registering

services to make sure to get proper updates.

(Thanks Tobias Bocanegra for providing the patch)

FELIX-4377 Readd configuration of request and respoonse header buffer size

Applying patch by Dominique Pfister (thanks alot)

FELIX-4376 Allow configuring included and excluded SSL Cipher Suites

for the Jetty server.

Applying slightly modified patch by Dominique Pfister (thanks)

FELIX-4302 Config Admin can create illegal names on windows

Configuration PIDs are encoded to be used as path names for

configuration files. On Windows platforms each segment in the

path must not start with one of the Windows device special names

such as LPT, COM, etc. Improved the encodePid method to encode

the first character of a segment name if it starts with one of the

special names.

FELIX-4362 Call ManagedService[Factory] methods as privileged actions

The privileged actions are called with an AccessControlContext

created from the ProtectionDomain of the called service's class.

FELIX-4360 Add a test case ensuring value order of Collection properties
FELIX-4301 Make sure the request data is transmitted as part of the

request body and not as part of the request URL.