dsavage in felix

minor internal tidyup

tidy up ? extends noise in support class

add convenience constructor

update version of bnd used within sigil

update jvm-packages to include Apache header updated contents based on felix-framework

updated system repository classes to understand version=blah syntax inherited from felix-framework properties

add NOTICE and DEPENDENCIES files to built bundles

fix up NOTICE and DEPENDENCY files

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  1. … 11 more files in changeset.
tidy up unused import
Ensure correct id is used
patch to store classpath results between restarts to aid performance (FELIX-2595)

Add toString for debug purposes
add clone support for config objects

patches to support cancelation of long running tasks FELIX-2590

provide utility method to run workspace op in status bar vs pop up dialog

filter classpath depenencies based on whether they have been added as libs to bundle FELIX-2587

handle variable source path FELIX-2586

fix for bsn in conversion (FELIX-2576)

improve exception if bsn not set npe->ise

pull common config field up class hierarchy to avoid duplication

tighten exception signature of utility method

add toString for debug purposes

use offline=true - based on System properties to prevent network checks FELIX-2585

add support for offline=<true|false> config to obr (FELIX-2585)

fix for FELIX-2583 - use java model vs resources to find package names

tidy up noisy exception when using sigil with non sigil projects

tidy up internal classes move them to non exported packages or reduce class visibility

add trivial view of repository path to resolver view

fix classcast exception

inherit repos configs using defaulting mechanism (such that sigil projects can take advantage of changes introduced by FELIX-1355)

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fix handling of static providers after changes in FELIX-1355