dleangen in felix

[Converter] Removed outdated Persister project.
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[Converter] Added file to Converter project.
[FELIX-5766] Bring Converter sister projects up to date with recent changes to Converter
[CONVERTER] Added orderMap method to WriterFactory in Serializer and bumped version to 0.2.0-SNAPSHOT
[Converter] WriterFactory needs to be provided as a ServiceFactory
Added methods to access ordering rules
[Serializer] Added methods to Writer for ordering array values.
Refactored serializer package
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Fixed a small oversight
[FELIX-5412] Added ability to determine the order of the keys to help with readability and debugging
[FELIX-5412] Pretty format not implemented in JSON serializer
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Updated utils to 1.10.1 (was 1.9.1)
[FELIX-5675] JSONParser needs a little bit more context when reporting an error
[FELIX-5674] Inject JSON Parser
Added Require-Capability to POMs
Spun out new project: Persister
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FELIX-5666: Serializing now extends specifying
targetAsDTO was being ignored
Added another test case containing possible (temporary) solution FELIX-5666
Added another Serialization test
Added small optimization to Serializer
Failed test case - initial attempt to sniff out conversion bug
Minor improvements to Converter POM files
Fixed some broken code following API changes
Updates to schematizer to match current API
Updated Schematizer (Some API updates, major implementation change)
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Fix for FELIX-5616
FELIX-5588: Schematizer service now implements ServiceFactory<Schematizer>
FELIX-5583: Made package org.apache.felix.utils.json private
FELIX-5587: @Ignoring a broken test