djencks in felix

[FELIX-5618] Fix circular ref handling
[FELIX-5618] Fix circular ref handling
FELIX-5318 Use lock rather than countdown latch to protect bundle start/destroy actions
FELIX-5318 preliminary reformat
FELIX-5316 Make sure PackageAdmin tracker can be opened, plus a lot of auto-reformatting. Thanks to Max Urech (bug discovery) and James Watkins-Harvey for the suggested fix.
FELIX-5315 (at least partial) fix, getting the correct ConfigAdmin for each bundle
FELIX-5256 Also push through null of unknown type
FELIX-5270 log when bundle locations are inconsistent
FELIX-5248 missing license header
FELIX-5248 test for complaint
FELIX-5270 Don't set bundle location on configurations
FELIX-5276 track service event before changing service properties
FELIX-4417 Improve logging of circular references. Fix some problems introduced with rev 1744827 when activate changes service properties.
FELIX-5264 Introduce a single State enum and use an atomic to track it, and use some optimistic locking on state changes. This fixes the specific issue found and should provide much easier diagnosis of any remaining or new problems.
FELIX-5186 Fix more alarmist logging on async service changes
FELIX-4417 More informative circular reference tracking
FELIX-5257 Improve formatting of command list output
Undo accidentally pushed rev 1743541
FELIX-5256 Object conversion should pass through unrecognized objects of compatible type
extra service event listener logging
FELIX-5213 Make sure serviceReferenceis unavailable for calling setProperties after unregistration
FELIX-5213, make ServiceReference accessible always during activation
FELIX-5220 less alarmist logging when bundle stops quickly
FELIX-5205 eliminate obvious source of IllegalStateException in dto fetching
FELIX-5211 provide appropriate Provide/Require-Capability headers for config admin. Also update the service description
FELIX-5209 get the system bundle by location not id
FELIX-5202 code reformat using template
FELIX-5202 Improve use of correct bundle based on global extender setting
FELIX-5194 Actually pay attention to whether change count changes, and insist on R5 ca
FELIX-5186 additional less alarmist logging on service churn