dbaum in felix

FELIX-4529 look for gosh_profile in bundle at /ext to allow fragment to over-ride.

FELIX-3706 loop to wait for gosh command to be registered, rather than just wait for 100ms.

FELIX-3001 help command now supports osgi.command.function String or String[]

fix Felix-2894 - Gogo does not handles options but not parameters

also added new testcase testParameter1() in to specifically

test this situation.

fixed FELIX-2927 coercion mechanism invokes foo(String) instead of foo(int) - even with explicit int argument, as this was releated to the refactoring of

work-around FELIX-2927

synchronize access to commands to avoid ConcurrentModificationException (FELIX-2870)

listen on by default; add --ip to specify listen address. FELIX-2767

remove -i alias for --nointeractive FELIX-2661

added --nointeractive flag to gosh. FELIX-2661

add script junit:assert location to stack trace

close all sessions when runtime is stopped (FELIX-2545).

quit console if session is closed.

FELIX-2495 fix UI saving of multi-bundle peojects.

FELIX-2477 fix procedural commands parameter inheritance

FELIX-2468 don't coerce CharSequence types to String
FELIX-2463 - preserve order of -resources

(FELIX-1473) use alternative implementation for method calls on Strings

change signature of runtime Activator's protected newProcessor() method to aid any future package renaming (FELIX-2441)

FELIX-2446 eclose whole gosh_profile in try {} block to stop errors from aborting startup

FELIX-2446: reference the bundle command using the context: scope;

also use bundle 0 to load java.lang.System

    • ?
FELIX-2433 allow "$(...)" expansion

fix NPE/coercion error when passing null first argument FELIX-2432

fixed lock contention in piped writer when reader doesn't read all input (FELIX-2380)

better message/exception when arguments can't be coerced (FELIX-2375)

don't automatically convert return values that are arrays to ArrayList (FELIX-2337)

This makes the following just work:

g! headers (bundles)

avoid possible IllegalStateException if framework is stopped during CommandProxy method execution.

Closure and CommandProxy unnecessarily extend Reflective, just so they can access its 'method()' method. (FELIX-2328).

moved sub-package in Runtime bundle up into gogo.runtime package to avoid possible confusion with the package in the new Shell bundle (FELIX-2328).

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removed legacy felix command adaptor. (FELIX-2342)

register telnetd command directly, rather than via Shell.

removed gosh:shutdown command. stop 0 works fine.