bob in felix

FELIX-5014 - Added case for Windows versions with no space.
FELIX-5014 - Support Windows 10 for Bundle-NativeCode Thanks Yang,BongYeol!
FELIX-5010 - Bundle-NativeCode: * should function the same as the absence of a Bundle-NativeCode entry.
FELIX-3883 Updated instructions.
FELIX-4690 Added test confirm Windows7 normalizes to windows7
FELIX-3883 Brokeup the os and processor configs into separate property keys.
FELIX-4757 Allow felix processor and os name aliases to be loaded from config and default properties files
Replaced Tabs with spaces inside pom.
FELIX-4736 Refactor R4Library and R4LibraryClause to NativeLibrary and NativeLibraryClause respectively.
FELIX-4729 Added ability to convert Bundle-NativeCode to Require-Capability as defined in R6 spec.
FELIX-4729 Added ability to perform version range matching for capabilities.
FELIX-4724 Separate transform state behavior (bytes and import lists made immutable) from define behavior (set classname).
FELIX-4723 Added unsupported operations to clean and retainAll methods.
FELIX-4722 Added WovenClassListener to array of Hook Classes.
FELIX-4721 Parse OS Version prior to creating Version object
FELIX-4582 Fixed formating issues.
FELIX-4582 Added Woven Class Listeners functionality from OSGi R6 Chapter 56. Added additional tests for listeners.
FELIX-4582 Add additional tests to BundleWiringImpl. Cover weaving cases. Added asm to pom in test scope only.
FELIX-4582 Add additional tests to BundleWiringImpl. Cover class exists and class does not exist.
FELIX-4582 Add secure action for woven class listeners.
FELIX-4705 Added logger to BundleClassLoader and BundleClassLoaderJava5
Remove folder created by eclipse. Apologies for any of those that thought there was a new felix subproject.
Initial import.
FELIX-4503 - Append osgi.native namespace and capabilities to the bundle capabilities. And test.
FELIX-4503 - Added Test for Native Namespace to Manifest Parser.