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DRILL-4132 Ability to submit simple type of physical plan directly to EndPoint DrillBit for execution. There are multiple changes to achieve this: 1. During physical planning split single plan into multiple based on the number of minor fragments of the Leaf Major fragment. a. Removing exchange operators during planning b. Producing just root fragments (that will be also leaf fragments) 2. Each fragment can be executed against Drillbit it is assigned to, so to keep locality Design document can be found in the JIRA: DRILL-4132

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DRILL-2210 Introducing multithreading capability to PartitonerSender

DRILL-2209 Insert ProjectOperator with MuxExchange

DRILL-1699 Make LoadingCache max size configurable

DRILL-1859 Issue with killing/stopping operator processing - limit is one of the users of this logic

DRILL-1926 Fix for back pressure logic