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DRILL-1197: C++ Client. Differentiate socket/handshake/query timeout for deadline timer.

It also

- returns more detailed connection status for validate handshake.

- adds timeout options for query submitter.

DRILL-1776: C++ Client. Add interface to get application context.

DRILL-1697. C++ Client. Use the object io_service::work to prevent io_service running out of work.

- Deleting the `work` object to permit the io_service to exit.

- Also reset `io_service` before submitting query.

DRILL-1511: C++ Client. Fix compiling issues in DRILL-1297 patch.

- Remove forward enum type declaration (not allowed in C++ 03).

- Add space between `<` and `::` to fix compilation of clang

DRILL-1305: C++ Client. Consume QueryState message from the Drillbit.

DRILL-1222: C++ Client. Fix DRILL-1144 compilation on Mac OS

DRILL-1137: C++ Client. Support setting default schema in the connection phase.

DRILL-1052: C++ Client. Update protocol buffer generated code.

DRILL-898: C++ Client. Fix decimal data type.

DRILL-870: C++ Client. Support negative interval types.

DRILL-748: C++ Client. Support timestamp/date before unix time and handle y2028 problem.

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