vladimir tkach <> in drill

DRILL-6345: DRILL Query fails on Function LOG10

- Added log10 function implementation

closes #1230

DRILL-6256: Remove references to java 7 from readme and other files

close apache/drill#1172

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DRILL-6250: Sqlline start command with password appears in the sqlline.log

closes #1174

DRILL-6241: Saffron properties config has the excessive permissions

changed permission to 640

closes #1167

DRILL-6217: NaN/Inf NestedLoopJoin processes NaN values incorrectly

- Changed loggic for equality functions to handle NaN values as the biggest ones

closes #1154

DRILL-1491: Support for JDK 8

Changed jdk version from 7 to 8 in pom.xml travis and

This closes #1143

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DRILL-6189: Security: passwords logging and file permisions

1. Overrided serialization methods for instances with passwords

2. Changed file permissions for configuration files

closes #1139

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DRILL-6192: Drill is vulnerable to CVE-2017-12197

Changed libpam4j version from 1.8-rev1 to 1.9-mapr

closes #1136

DRILL-6154: NaN, Infinity issues

- changed comparison rules for NaN, Infinity values. For now NaN is the biggest value, Infinity - second biggest value

- fixed min, max, trunc functions for NaN, Infinity values

- made drill use original sqrt function instead of power(x,0.5) substitution

close apache/drill#1123