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DRILL-6804: Simplify usage of OperatorPhase in HashAgg.


- Fixed IOB in HashJoin for inner and right joins on empty probe side.

- Documentated expected behavior of RecordBatch after returning NONE.

- Made UnorderedReceiver obey contract after returning NONE.

DRILL-6719: Separate spilling queue logic from HashJoin and HashAgg.

DRILL-6656: Disallow extra semicolons and multiple statements on the same line.

closes #1415

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DRILL-6655: Require package declaration in files.

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DRILL-6650: Remove stray semicolon in imports for PrintingResultsListener.

closes #1410

DRILL-6650: Remove stray semicolon in imports for PrintingResultsListener.

DRILL-6644: Don't reserve space for incoming probe batches unnecessarily during the build phase.

git closes #1409

DRILL-6453: Fix deadlock caused by reading from left and right inputs in HashJoin simultaneously.

closes #1408

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DRILL-5365: Enforced DrillFileSystem immutability.

closes #1296

DRILL-6496: Added print methods for debugging tests, and fixed missing log statement in VectorUtils.

closes #1336

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DRILL-6474: Don't use TopN when order by and offset are used without a limit specified.

closes #1313

DRILL-6468: CatastrophicFailures should not do a graceful shutdown of drill when terminating the JVM.

closes #1306

DRILL-6461: Added basic data correctness tests for hash agg, and improved operator unit testing framework.

git closes #1344

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DRILL-6437: Removed excess maven logging when downloading dependencies. This fixed Travis failures due to log overflow.

DRILL-6438: Remove excess logging form the tests. - Removed usages of System.out and System.err from the test and replaced with loggers

closes #1284

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DRILL-6386: Disallow unused imports and star imports.

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DRILL-6389: Fixed building javadocs - Added documentation about how to build javadocs - Fixed some of the javadoc warnings

closes #1276

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DRILL-6380: Fix sporadic mongo db hangs.

closes #1249

DRILL-5927: Fixed memory leak in TestBsonRecordReader, and sped up the test.

closes #1234

DRILL-6328: Consolidated developer docs in the docs folder.

closes #1220

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DRILL-6341: Fixed failing tests for mongodb storage plugin by upgrading MongoDB version.

closes #1222

DRILL-6338: Do not skip license maven plugin when formatting generated protobuf files.

This closes #1215

DRILL-6320: Added license-maven-plugin to the pom.

DRILL-6278: Removed temp codegen directory in testing framework.

close apache/drill#1178

DRILL-6275: Fixed direct memory reporting in sys.memory.

closes #1176

DRILL-6249: Adding more unit testing documentation.

close apache/drill#1251

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DRILL-6239: Add build and license badges to

closes #1165

DRILL-6234: Improved documentation for VariableWidthVector mutators, and added simple unit tests demonstrating mutator behavior.

close apache/drill#1164

DRILL-6027: - Added memory claculator - Added unit tests and docs. - Fixed IOB caused by output vector allocation. - Don't double count records that were spilled in HashJoin

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