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[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release drill-1.16.0

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release drill-1.16.0

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DRILL-7212: Add gpg key with email for sorabh Note: Revert "Add public gpg key for Sorabh" This reverts commit 5a0155977daabe33422aafa96ba04f880d8e7b04.

DRILL-7207: Update the copyright year in NOTICE.txt file

DRILL-7164: KafkaFilterPushdownTest is sometimes failing to pattern match correctly

closes #1760

DRILL-7188: Revert DRILL-6642: Update protocol-buffers version

1. Updated protobuf to version 3.6.1

2. Added protobuf to the root pom dependency management

3. Added classes BoundedByteString and LiteralByteString for compatibility with HBase

4. Added ProtobufPatcher to provide compatibility with MapR-DB and HBase

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DRILL-7189: Revert DRILL-7105 Error while building the Drill native client

This reverts commit a72f1700a8d260a2f92ba8955c77df6428feb919.

DRILL-7045: Updates to address review comments

closes #7134

DRILL-7140: RM: Drillbits fail with "No enum constant org.apache.drill.exec.resourcemgr.config.selectionpolicy.QueueSelectionPolicy.SelectionPolicy.bestfit"

closes #1720

Add public gpg key for Sorabh

DRILL-7125: REFRESH TABLE METADATA fails after upgrade from Drill 1.13.0 to Drill 1.15.0

DRILL-6707: Removed changes for setOutputRowCount. Modified LateralJoin to use new setCurrentOutgoingMaxRowCount api Limit CurrentOutgoingMaxRowCount to MAX_NUM_ROWS Fix HashJoin to fix failing tests

closes #1650

DRILL-7016: Wrong query result with RuntimeFilter enabled when order of join and filter condition is swapped

close apache/drill#1628

DRILL-7000: Queries failing with 'Failed to aggregate or route the RFW' do not complete

closes #1621

DRILL-6971: Display query state in query result page

DRILL-6766: Lateral Unnest query : IllegalStateException - rowId in right batch of lateral is smaller than rowId in left batch being processed Note: Issue was in StreamingAgg where if output from one or multiple input batch was splitting into multiple output batch, then remaining input records were discarded after producing first output batch closes #1490

DRILL-6731: Resolving race conditions in RuntimeFilterSink Add condition variable to avoid starvation of producer thread while acquiring queue lock

DRILL-6694: NPE in UnnestRecordBatch when query uses a column name not present in data

closes #1434

DRILL-6653: Unsupported Schema change exception where there is no schema change

closes #1422

DRILL-6498: Support for EMIT outcome in ExternalSortBatch

* DRILL-6498: Support for EMIT outcome in ExternalSortBatch

* Updated TestTopNEmitOutcome to use RowSetComparison for comparing expected and actual output batches produced

closes #1323

DRILL-6503: Performance improvements in lateral

closes #1328