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DRILL-4678: Tune metadata by generating a dispatcher at runtime

main code changes are in Calcite library.

update drill's calcite version to 1.4.0-drill-r20.

close #793

  1. … 25 more files in changeset.
DRILL-5263: Prevent left NLJoin with non scalar subqueries

DRILL-5237: FlattenRecordBatch loses nested fields from the schema when returns empty batches for the first time

This closes #735

DRILL-5164: Equi-join query results in CompileException when inputs have large number of columns.

close apache/drill#711

DRILL-3562: Query fails when using flatten on JSON data where some documents have an empty array

closes #713

DRILL-5117: Compile error when query a json file with 1000+columns

close apache/drill#686

DRILL-4764: Parquet file with INT_16, etc. logical types not supported by simple SELECT

closes #673

    • binary
DRILL-4938: Report UserException when constant expression reduction fails

closes #689

DRILL-5048: Fix type mismatch error in case statement with null timestamp

closes #657

DRILL-5032: Drill query on hive parquet table failed with OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

close apache/drill#654

  1. … 8 more files in changeset.
DRILL-4906: CASE Expression with constant generates class exception

Tests for different data types

close apache/drill#598

DRILL-4864: Add ANSI format for date/time functions

DRILL-4864: Add ANSI format for date/time functions(review changes)

close apache/drill#581