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DRILL-5545: Update POM to add support for running findbugs

DRILL-5545: Fix issues reported by findbugs in Async Parquet Reader. This closes #847

DRILL-5349: Fix TestParquetWriter unit tests when synchronous parquet reader is used.

close apache/drill#780

DRILL-5351: Minimize bounds checking in var len vectors for Parquet reader

close #781

DRILL-5240: Parquet - fix unnecessary object creation while checking for null values in nullable var length columns

This closes #740

DRILL-2951: Schema not getting specified when direct drillbit is specified in the connection URL

DRILL-2928: C++ client - io_service needs to be reset after running out of work

DRILL-2811: Fix connection to individual drill bit. Allow port to be optional.

DRILL-2872: Result from json file returns data from repeated type fields as "null"

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    • +11
DRILL-2811: Allow direct connection to drillbit from DrillClient

DRILL-1832: Add unit tests for Json file with null values

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    • +43
DRILL-2350: Improve exception handling and error messages in JSON reader.

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    • +1
DRILL-2672: C++ Client - Add support for authentication

    • -1
    • +229
DRILL-1649: Added unit tests

DRILL-1962: Added unit tests

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    • +18
    • -0
    • +18
DRILL-2268: Added unit tests

DRILL-2573: C++ Client - Separate QueryResult into QueryResult and QueryData

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    • +167
    • -118
    • +138
    • -3
    • +4
DRILL-2548: JDBC Driver - check for bad data from server and prevent SqlException

DRILL-2509: C++ client - concurrency issue with m_pendingRequests

DRILL-2442: Initial implementation of C++ client support for impersonation.

DRILL-1378: Ctrl-C to cancel a query that has not returned with the first result set.

DRILL-2197: Fix no applicable constructor error in outer join with a map type

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    • +39
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    • +19
DRILL-1697: C++ client. Fix crash when listener exits prematurely.

DRILL-1872: Assertion failure and empty map on order by with complex data

DRILL-2038: Fix handling of error objects. C++ Client syncronous API has a crash with multiple parallel queries.

DRILL-1955: C++ client should provide a clean method for detecting query completion in the async API.

DRILL-1361: C++ Client needs a better error message when the handshake fails.

DRILL-1886: Project on subquery containing a union all causes NPE

DRILL-1848 Unsupported operation exception

DRILL-1869: CPP client - Handle nullable varchar columns with all nulls (fixed slicedByteBuf to handle zero length buffers). Also handle case where server sends a record batch where vector value counts are zero.