mehant baid <> in drill

DRILL-4192: Fix selection root when there is only a single top level partition closes #307

DRILL-4071: Detect nested holistic expressions while traversing filter tree for partition pruning

DRILL-2517: (Prototype from Mehant) Move directory based partition pruning to logical phase.

DRILL-4025: Create FileSelection object with the appropriate file statuses

DRILL-3634: Add number of partitions information in the plan for hive scans

closes #231

DRILL-3941: Add timing instrumentation in different phases of partition pruning Add basic timing instrumentation while initializing FileSelection and reading the metadata cache file

closes #230

DRILL-3965: Fix IOOB while trying to perform partition pruning

DRILL-3429: Cast input of statistical window functions to double before rewriting the expression.

DRILL-3788: Expand the file selection to contain all files within the directory while creating DynamicDrillTable

DRILL-3819: Remove redundant check to ignore files beginning with '.'

DRILL-3817: Disable rewriting compound identifier for refresh metadata query

DRILL-3045: Make planning time memory limit configurable

DRILL-3690: Fix partition pruning rule to correctly build new filter when original filter contains nested expressions closes #127

DRILL-3535: Add support for Drop Table

this closes #140

DRILL-3121: Add support for interpreter based partition pruning for Hive tables. Remove the old partition pruning logic.

DRILL-3503: Make PruneScanRule pluggable. Extend PartitionDescriptor to provide functionality needed by PruneScanRule. Removed redundant logic in PruneScanRule.

DRILL-3503: Fix formatting style of PruneScanRule

DRILL-3500: Add OptimizerRulesContext which exposes information needed by storage plugin specific optimizer rules Add FunctionLookupContext to enable materializing function calls without having access to the entire function registry

DRILL-3464: Fix IOOB in DrillOptiq while converting concat to Drill logical expression

DRILL-3378: Don't invoke ensureType() while rewriting aggregate expressions part of the window frame. ensureType() currently is not aware of the precedence of data types and may inject a downward cast, causing wrong results. Bump Calcite version to r11

DRILL-3318: Bump calcite version to 1.1.0-drill-r9 Added unit test

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DRILL-3254: Fix wrong results while using certain types of window functions that are rewritten using AvgVarianceConvertlet Added a custom Drill Convertlet to correctly reduce these aggregates.

DRILL-3305: Raise exception if we encounter unknown RexNode in DrillOptiq

DRILL-2403: Print leading zeroes in TimePrintMillis

DRILL-3245: Fix error message for unsupported aggregate functions on varchar data type

DRILL-3155: Part 2: Clear allocated memory for composite vectors if one of the allocations fails

DRILL-3155: Part 1: Move complex vectors logic in the correct package.

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DRILL-3093: Close raw batch buffers in data collectors

DRILL-3069: Fix StreamingAggBatch to appropriately set current index when it receives empty batches

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DRILL-1980: Add support for CTAS with interval data type. Modify ParquetOutputRecordWriter to be able to write interval day, interval year and interval data type into parquet. Modify the two parquet readers to be able to read interval data type from parquet file

Add unit tests