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DRILL-7107 Unable to connect to Drill 1.15 through ZK closes #1702

DRILL-6629 BitVector split and transfer does not work correctly for transfer length < 8

closes #1395

DRILL-6601 LageFileCompilation testProject times out

closes #1378

DRILL-5671: Set secure ACLs (Access Control List) for Drill ZK nodes in a secure cluster

closes #1467

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DRILL-6529 Project Batch Sizing causes two LargeFileCompilation tests to timeout

closes #1335

Changed Project test columns to 10000 and reduces columns projected to SORT tests to 2500

DRILL-6486: BitVector split and transfer does not work correctly for non byte-multiple transfer lengths

Fix for the bug in BitVector splitAndTransfer. The logic for handling copy of last-n bits was incorrect for none byte-multiple transfer lengths.

closes #1316

DRILL-6594: Data batches for Project operator are not being split properly and exceed the maximum specified

This change fixes the incorrect accounting in the case where a columns is being projected more than once

closes #1375

DRILL-6340 Output Batch Control in Project using the RecordBatchSizer

Changes required to implement Output Batch Sizing in Project using the RecordBatchSizer.

closes #1302

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DRILL-6017: Fix for SHUTDOWN button being visible for non Admin users

closes #1064

DRILL-5582: C++ Client: [Threat Modeling] Drillbit may be spoofed by an attacker and this may lead to data being written to the attacker's target instead of Drillbit

This closes #997

DRILL-5819: Default value of security.admin.user_groups and security.admin.users is true

closes #983

DRILL-5121 Fix for memory leak. Changes fieldVectorMap in ScanBatch to a CaseInsensitiveMap

close apache/drill#690

DRILL-4974: Add missing null check in FindPartitionConditions.analyzeCall()

close apache/drill#634