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DRILL-6691: Unify checkstyle-config.xml files.

closes #1550

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DRILL-6844: Query with ORDER BY DESC on indexed column does not pick secondary index.

DRILL-6798: Planner changes to support semi-join.

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DRILL-6764: Query fails with IOB when Unnest has reference to deep nested field like (t.c_orders.o_lineitems).

closes #1487

DRILL-6671: Multi level lateral unnest join is throwing an exception during materializing the plan.

closes #1426

DRILL-6645: Transform TopN in Lateral Unnest pipeline to Sort and Limit.

closes #1417

DRILL-6617: Changing name of implicit RowId column from implicitColumn to implicitRIDColumn.

closes #1401

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DRILL-6636: Planner side changes to use PartitionLimitBatch in place of LimitBatch.

DRILL-6502: Rename CorrelatePrel to LateralJoinPrel.

closes #1325

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DRILL-6476: Generate explain plan which shows relation between Lateral and the corresponding Unnest.

closes #1308

DRILL-6456: Planner shouldn't create any exchanges on the right side of Lateral Join.

This closes #1299

DRILL-6115: SingleMergeExchange is not scaling up when many minor fragments are allocated for a query.

DRILL-6115: Refactoring the existing code.

close apache/drill#1110

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DILL-6148: TestSortSpillWithException is sometimes failing.

closes #1120