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DRILL-3441: fix indefinite loop problem in CompliantTextRecordReader#isStarQuery

closes #82

DRILL-3313: Eliminate redundant #load methods and unit-test loading & exporting of vectors

DRILL-2851: handle oversized allocation requests; ensure flatten splits a batch if data is oversized; add unit tests

DRILL-2997: (2) re-generate proto files that was missing from earlier DRILL-2997 patch

DRILL-2997: Remove references to groupCount from SerializedField

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DRILL-3032: repeated vectors should handle late type && instantiate its children upon construction

DRILL-3166: Cost model of functions should account for field reader arguments

DRILL-3143: MaterializedField#clone should deep copy itself without disregarding its children

DRILL-3108: Replace templated returns with covariant return overrides

DRILL-3071: fix memory leak in RecordBatchLoader#load

DRILL-2776: add extensive tests for empty population coverage

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DRILL-3027: Add convenience methods to test builder for creating nested baseline values

DRILL-3022: ensure sequential shutdown of drillbits

DRILL-2150: Create an abstraction for repeated value vectors.

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DRILL-2788: fix NullableVV empty population logic

DRILL-2611: value vectors should report valid value count

DRILL-2719: ValueVector#getBuffers(clear) must consistently clear vectors & retain buffers

DRILL-2684: fix clashing view names

DRILL-2039: set surefire fork count proportional to number of cores

DRILL-2375: implement reader reset mechanism and reset reader before accessing it during projection

DRILL-2366: accurately materialize schema path for complex types + test cases

DRILL-2193: implement fast count / skip-all semantics for JSON reader

DRILL-2358: Ensure DrillScanRel differentiates skip-all, scan-all & scan-some in a backward compatible fashion

DRILL-2118: inform user with a user friendly error message if kvgen fails due to heterogenous types

DRILL-1875: getTransferClone should ignore given wrappers

DRILL-2321: FlattenRecordBatch should transfer vectors honoring output field reference.

DRILL-2280: Refactor ValueVector interface & add an abstract ValueVector implementation

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DRILL-2254: use parent field while adding a child vector into a repeated list

DRILL-2163: ensure vector container fully reconstructs a composite vector with its children

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DRILL-2127: make JDBC tests re-use bit instances; reset cached bits on failure