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DRILL-7603: Allow default schema to be set for HTTP queries

This allows REST API requests and Web UI requests to specify a


schema. Otherwise this is not possible for HTTP clients because the

"USE" command requires a session, which HTTP clients do not have.

closes #1996

Clean up a bit, add example for s3 storage of query profiles

DRILL-7614: Try to add some helpful tips to

closes #2003

DRILL-7547: Support credentials store for mongo connections

This uses the hadoop `Configuration.getPassword` method to retrieve the

username and password for mongo connections. This allows the user to

supply credentials or credential store configuration in core-site.xml

instead of inlining the credentials in the storage plugin configuration

that is stored in ZooKeeper.

Refer to the CredentialProviderAPI document for more information about

how credential provider plugins work.

closes #2001

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Some little fixups for the docs for date & time functions

DRILL-7605: Preserve query form field values between reloads / navigation

It is nice to continue where you left off when returning to the query


closes #1995

DRILL-7203: Accept impersonation userName as form field & fix back button for query page

Requiring the impersonation username to be sent as an HTTP header made

it difficult to implement the Web UI submission. This changes it so

that the userName can be sent as a form field instead, allowing the Web

UI to do a "normal" form submission, which fixes the back button, avoids

the use of the deprecated "" API call, and may avoid other

glitches in the future.

closes #1994

DRILL-7584: Fix method name spelling

Fix typo


Fix Web UI link

DRILL-7573: Support htpasswd based authentication

In containerized environments, PAM based authentication is not convenient.

This provides a simple mechanism for setting up users' passwords

that can be managed using docker volume mounts.

closes #1977

DRILL-7575: Fix typo in class name of FormSecurityHandler

DRILL-7562: Support HTTP Basic authentication for REST API calls

This can greatly simplify the development of HTTP clients, as well as

use from the command line using curl/wget, since you don't have to

deal with storing the session cookie.

closes #1972