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Removing intro table background dividers at 768px max width responsive break point. Also making width 100% so it flows with the page size.

[Finish Card 43,44,45,46] making content expand out with sidebar when force expanded. Making search bar usable on iphone by making menu not position fixed, thus allowing keyboard to pop up on mobile device and content to scroll up as needed. Adding margin to mobile blog posts. Taking out JS that does the same for the menu as position: fixed.

docpage layout now inherits from default. Fixed hilighting of current toc menu item, where the parent li was not getting the current_section class.

Adding fa horizontal bars to see if those show up on android mobile browser on tablet. Centering footer.

Moving breadcrumbs into larger container to have extended border bottom. Got rid of rougue 1px above dl button in menu. Still exists at 110%, but this is an improvement. Restored original /docs.html page by adding noChildren var to top matter, and checking that in order to display content or not. Adding and adjusting margins where needed, which restored clipped blog titles. Changing class fa on homepage section, as that is used by font awesome.

Making homepage responsive. Breaking at 570px max width and giving td display block, aligning bg images and text to the left. Increasing font sizes, differentiating between h1 and h2. Adding margins to text.

WIP on footer. Cannot get it to be sticky at the moment. needs more work.

Adding mobile viewport and increasing body font size on smaller width

Removing categories bar and placing responsive categories button near logo. Fixing up margins to look nicer at all widths

Using docpage layout for docs page. Getting footer to stay at bottom.

Hanging indent on level 3 text

Fonts and margins more like mongo

Permalinks no longer make the line below jump. This is done by using css visibility property as opposed to display none / block

Using javascript: void(0) instead of hash in links, so page does not jump to top when clicking a hash link

WIP moving default layout into docpage layout and rearranging elements so there is an outer wrapper with width the total of sidebar and main content. Inner wrapper gets margin left to offset the sidebar. This is to avoid scrolling far right in the right main text area.

Also recalculated heights in menu to avoid rogue 1px offset.

Color in sidebar is now only on current selection. Hover will receive


[Finish Card #27 #28] Adding ability to show current doc page in sidebar, also correct plus / minus signs are displayed. Cleaning up unused JS. Refactoring some liquid in the docs toc html. Cleaning up non working image links. Differentiating between current_section (ul) and current (current doc page opened) so we can target and style accordingly.

[Fix Card #24] sidebar no longer has any left right scrolling, which was due to padding an internal anchor. Moved the padding to the top level li.

Merge branch 'gh-pages' of into gh-pages

Merge branch 'menu_fixes' into dk-gh-pages





[Finish Card #38] adding jquery easing slideUp and slideDown animation. Touching up margins. Adding background color for sidebar hover.

[Finish Card #33] spacing out h2 and h3 appropriately by removing call for margin 0. removing doc_toc margin left. various font space, size and lightness adjustments.

[Finish Card #32 #31] adding fixed positioning to category toc bar, after it reaches 35px, the height of the breadcrumbs. Giving it an offset of 50px to stay below the top header. Also adjusting the int_title element so there are no visual jumps. For next and prev buttons, taking out margin when no sidebar is present, and taking out width specifications seems to align appropriately. Decreasing font size as it looks better for long titles.

Changing out download button to fa icon so there are no background positioning css that mess with positiong and alignment in strange ways. There were cases where the download button would appear underneath the rest of the menu items, when the menu went from a smaller responsive version to the larger expanded version, and I could not pinpoint why. It was like a clear: both had been applied just to the download button...anyways changing out the icons fixed it...possibly a way to keep original icon if it is important.

[Finish Card #30 #23] responsive menu reworked

spike on getting a responsive menu to display nicely at various breakpoints

[Fix Card #25] Mobile responsive menu now appears at 1024 max width as opposed to 768

[Finish Card #23 #36] twitter image is now transparent white png. Arranging padding so that the blue background is centered and twitter icon is centered. Removing black bar at bottom of menu by adjusting line-height to 50px, which moves menu items to the center point of the bar.

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[Fix Card #22] search box now submits to google. Using separate form to fill in the action and do the submitting, as doing it all from one form seems to lead to infinite loop as javascript calls submit, which submits, that calls submit, etc.