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DRILL-1328: Support table statistics

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DRILL-1227: Compatibility for non-firefox browsers.

DRILL-1217: Enhance execution stats web UI

Added Gantt chart

Improved organization

Decrease number of tables and overall page size

Implement general javascript functions for profile processing

DRILL-1099: Inject space (' ') as the default second argument to [lbr]trim

* Optiq already handles this for "trim".

DRILL-561: Implement btrim/trim

Make use of existing UTF8 function

Added test for btrim

DRILL-1088: implemented date_trunc use TestFunctionsQuery instead of TestDateFunctions

DRILL-1077: OperationStats enhancements —

Add setLongStat and setDoubleStat to set metrics directly.

Remove shared HashTableMetrics class

Add ResizeTime for hash aggregate and hash join.

Not all RootExec should report the metrics in SenderStats. Break up into RootExec specific MetricDefs.

Add BYTES_SENT metric for all RootExec


DRILL-1057: Support partial profiles in query profile interface

DRILL-1001: Expanded ProfileWrapper content and formatting.

DRILL-585: Switch getObject in SQL accessors to return java.sql.* types.