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DRILL-7749: Drill-on-Yarn Application Master UI is broken due to bootstrap update

Fixed navigation classes in AM templates.

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DRILL-7705: Updated jQuery and Bootstrap libraries

- jQuery: 3.2.1 -> 3.4.1

- Bootstrap: 3.1.1 -> 4.4.1

- Also fixed styles that were considerably broken after the update.

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DRILL-7693: Updated protobuf version to 3.11.1

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DRILL-7649: Replace maprfs.version property usage by mapr.release.version

Also added mapr-security-web to the Dependency Management and Distribution POM

to fix a problem, where the jar file is not being added to the distribution in some build environments.

DRILL-7619: Fixed link to the metrics endpoint

DRILL-7637: Add an option to retrieve MapR SSL truststore/keystore credentials using MapR Web Security Manager

DRILL-7582: Moved Drillbits REST API communication to the back end layer

closes #1999

DRILL-7474: Reduce size of Drill's tar.gz file

- Excluded aws-java-sdk-bundle dependency, only required aws libraries added instead.

- Cleared format-excel module from unused dependencies.

closes #1926

DRILL-7470: Remove conflicting logback-classic dependency in drill-yarn

closes #1920

DRILL-7393: Revisit Drill tests to ensure that patching is executed before any test run

- Added BaseTest with patchers and extended all tests from it.

- Added a test to java-exec module to ensure that all tests there are inherited from BaseTest.

- Revised exception handling in the patchers, now it's individual for each patching method.

closes #1910

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DRILL-6540: Updated Hadoop and HBase libraries to the latest versions

Hadoop: 3.2.1

HBase: 2.2.2

closes #1895

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DRILL-7351: Added tokens to Web forms to prevent CSRF attacks

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DRILL-7353: Wrong driver class is written to the java.sql.Driver

closes #1845

DRILL-6961: Handle exceptions during queries to information_schema

closes #1833

DRILL-7084: ResultSet getObject method throws not implemented exception if the column type is NULL

closes #1825

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DRILL-7205: Drill fails to start when authentication is disabled

closes #1824

DRILL-7276: Fixed an XSS vulnerability in Drill Web-UI query profile page

DRILL-7204: Add proper validation when creating plugin

- Added validation for an empty plugin name.

- Added an URL encoding for pluing name, so plugins with special characters can be accessed without issues.

- Replaced alerts with modal windows.

- Added a confirmation dialog when disabling a plugin on Update page.

DRILL-7030: Make format plugins fully pluggable

- Bootstrap files for format plugins were introduced and added to the existing plugins in contrib.

- Formats from these files are being added dynamically to the corresponding storage plugins.

closes #1780

DRILL-7145: Exceptions happened during retrieving values from ValueVector are not being displayed at the Drill Web UI closes #1727

DRILL-7105: Error while building the Drill native client

Added a compiler option in CMakeLists.txt to support the ISO C++ 2011 standard.

Also, changed the CMake min version to 3.1.3 to match the min version specified in protobuf.

closes #1697

DRILL-6642: Update protocol-buffers version

1. Updated protobuf to version 3.6.1

2. Added protobuf to the root pom dependency management

3. Added classes BoundedByteString and LiteralByteString for compatibility with HBase

4. Added ProtobufPatcher to provide compatibility with MapR-DB and HBase

closes #1639

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DRILL-6775: The schema for empty output is not shown in Drill Web UI

Removed an excess check for the result emptiness that prevented retrieval of the column names.

close apache/drill#1498

DRILL-5782: Web UI: do not attempt to build visualized plan when plan is absent

Added checks for undefined values. Now there are no js errors and also a JSON profile is now displayed for incorrect queries.

closes #1476

DRILL-6630: Extra spaces are ignored while publishing results in Drill Web UI (#1468)

Added a style option to the table to ensure that all explicit spaces are shown in the published results.

DRILL-6733: Unit tests from KafkaFilterPushdownTest are failing in some environments.

Added a check that prevents the cluster tear down if TestKafkaSuit is not running.

DRILL-6544: Allow timestamp / date / time formatting when displaying on Web UI

Added the following options that are setting the format pattens:

web.timestamp.display_format,, web.time.display_format.

See for the details about acceptable values.

Default formatting is used, if the corresponding option has empty string.

DRILL-6270: Added general option --jvm, which can be used to set the remote debug jvm options.

The option is not needed for drillbit startup, you can set the jvm properties directly after the start command.


bin/drill-embedded --jvm "[JVM options]"

bin/sqlline -u "jdbc:drill:zk=zkaddr:port" --jvm "[JVM options]"

bin/ start [JVM options]

sqlline.bat -u "jdbc:drill:zk=local" --jvm "[JVM options]"

closes #1210

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