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DRILL-4196 Fix to stop returning no more data when output batch is full during merge.

DRILL-4190 Don't hold on to batches from left side of merge join.

DRILL-4182 Set type to LATE when values are nulls.

DRILL-4182 Take care of null comparisions.

DRILL-4182 TopN schema changes support.

DRILL-4165 Add a precondition for size of merge join record batch.

DRILL-4165 remove redundant call to setting hash join session option.

DRILL-4165 Fix a bug in counting records in outgoing batch.

DRILL-4163 Schema changes support in MergeJoin Operator.

DRILL-4109 Increase timeout on merge join tests.

Accidently reverted last change.

DRILL-4125 Fix for invalid inner cursor.

DRILL-4109 Fix NPE in RecordIterator.

Sequence file format and example query.

DRILL-4241: Create table with multiple tablets in kudu test.

DRILL-3963: Add Sequence file support.

- File Support

- Add test for sequencefile reader in Impersonation test suite.

- Create hadoop based record reader under user proxy.

- Fix impersonation test for sequence file and add one for Avro.

This closes #214

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DRILL-3793: New MergeJoin and add RecordIterator interface

This closes #190