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DRILL-1508: Implement pushdown for LIKE operator in HBase storage engine

DRILL-1567 - Pushdown fails with WHERE clause with more than one AND or OR operator of same type

Adding my public key.

DRILL-1505: Updating Session Value Doesn't Reflect In 'sys.options' Query Output

Setting to SNAPSHOT version, (missed while collecting the stale PRs)

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Updating projects version to 0.7.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT.

The following pull requests have been either been merged or closed as of this release.

closes #1 (via 207f2e4)

closes #3 (*No longer relevant*)

closes #8 (via cb3132a)

closes #11 (via 727adb7, a73512d)

closes #12 (*Issue fixed via DRILL-88*)

closes #13 (*Closed as Won't Fix*)

closes #14 (via f0be80d)

closes #17 (via a38856c)

closes #35 (via 741aab0)

closes #60 (via 1648195)

closes #64 (Resolved as part of other function merges)

closes #65 (via 28dd76a)

closes #66 (via 4862b2b)

closes #67 (via 2ca9c90)

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DRILL-1497: Fix test failure in o.a.drill.jdbc.test.TestMetadataDDL

DRILL-1495: Test cases should log relevant message in case of expected failures

DRILL-1494: Fix annoying and unnecessary warning 'Failure while trying to load .drill file'

DRILL-1493: Upgrade ASM to 5.0

DRILL-1492: Update readme with supported versions of Java

* Keeping the supported Java version to 7 until we get all issues around Java 8 resolved.

DRILL-1490: Upgrade to ProGaurd 5.0

DRILL-1485: tools/ does not have execute permission bit set

DRILL-1473: o.a.d.exec.planner.logical.DrillPushPartitionFilterIntoScan asserts on Windows

DRILL-1474: [AtomicRemainder] Failure to allocate requested memory should be logged as warning

DRILL-1428 - SqlLine fails to start on Windows

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DRILL-1427: Failure to initialize storage plug-in results in complete failure of drill-bit initialization

DRILL-1371: HBase queries fail when hbase.scan.sizecalculator.enabled is set to false

DRILL-1414: Move profile storage to DFS rather than using PStore

DRILL-1409: DbVisualizer fails to connect to Drill using embedded jdbc driver

Updating projects version to 0.6.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT.

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DRILL-1403: HBase predicate pushdown filters are not getting applied

DRILL-1402: Add check-style rules for trailing space, TABs and blocks without braces

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DRILL-1400: JsonConvertFrom should use the correct work buffer from JsonReader

DRILL-1390: Hive query against an ES data source fails

DRILL-634: Cleanup/organize Java imports and trailing whitespaces from Drill code

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DRILL-1346: Use HBase table size information to improve scan parallelization

DRILL-1366: HBaseRecordReader does not set rowcount correctly if vectors run out of memory in the middle of the row.

Bundle the HBase 0.94 jar compiled with Hadoop 2 profile

+ Removed the HBase shaded jar module.

Fix test case failures in TestParquetWriter

* Use different table names for different test cases.