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Updated plugin version to 1.9.0-SNAPSHOT

DRILL-4199: Add Support for HBase 1.X

MD-813: Improve count(*) queries against MapR-DB Json tables.

+ Fail query on schema change.

+ Added a configuration option 'ignoreSchemaChange', which when enabled, drops the rows from the result

MD-789: Query with condition involving addition of DATE and INTERVAL types returns no results [MapR-DB JSON Tables]

+ Added `enablePushdown` option to enable/disable all filter pushdown, enabled by default.

MD-572: Column names in MapR-DB JSON tables are case-sensitive

Disable pushdown of both filter and projects (by default set to false).

This will allow Drill to handle both of these operators in a case-insensitive way.

MD-771: Query with nested functions within a sub-query on MapR-DB JSON Tables fail with ClassCastException

Fix for failing test cases.

Refactoring code for better organization.

+ Adding skeleton streams plugin.

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MD-741: Cannot select array elements by index in MapR-DB JSON Tables

MD-548: Remove reference to mapr-release pom.

* Bumped the Drill+plugin version to 1.6.0-SNAPSHOT.

* Updated MapR client artifacts to 5.1.0.

* Added missing Apache license headers to few files.

* Added a base test class BaseJsonTest for all OJAI Unit tests.

* Invoke GuavaPatcher from BaseJsonTest.

MD-703: Cannot select `_id` field from MapR-DB JSON Table

+ Included Smidth's fix for column shuffling.

+ Fix the private-drill-mapr-plugin build.

Enhance exception handling.

MAPR-22405: DocumentStream interface in OJAI API need not be parametrized

MD-670: Querying MapR-DB JSON Tables returns no results

* Use DocumentReader API to emit "_id" field instead of handling it as a special case.

* Update the DrillBuf reference field when reallocation happen.

* Catch the correct exception when schema change happens and include the field name in the warning message.

+ Get rid of unused code.

Updated with the OJAI APIs changes in Date/Time/Document classes.

Updating with the new DocumentReader APIs.

Updating the plugin version to 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT and fixing for interface change.

Applying DRILL-4020 (The not-equal operator returns incorrect results when used on the HBase row key)

Applying DRILL-3621 (Wrong results when Drill on HBase query contains rowkey "or" or "IN") to MapRDB plugin

Already in json_support branch, exclude while merging.

MD-524: Drill API change broke the MapRDB Plugin

Adding support for Json tables.

+ Re-factored code to separate binary table specific code from the common code.

+ Added test cases

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    • +171
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Cleaning up code.

Removed some unnecessary files from the module.