britter in commons

Drop ant build
Add Apache Commons CSV 1.6 release
Update documentation to reflect new commons-build-plugin goalPrefix
Remove redundant information that is already in changes.xml
Format changes.xml
COMMONSSITE-124: Revert change in commons.scmPubUrl in Parent 47
Update to latest Apache Software Foundation Parent POM
Update main website after Commons IO 2.6 release
Follow naming conventions when creating tags
Don't forget to push the release tag
Always run clean before deploying to the staging repository
Fix typo in JavaDoc. Thanks to Michael Ernst. This fixes #15 from GitHub.
BCEL-294: Incorrect comment in Thanks to Mark Roberts
LOGGING-165: Add Automatic-Module-Name Manifest Header for Java 9 compatibility.
Move changes entry for COMMONSSITE-94 to version 1.8
COMMONSSITE-94: Include JavaDoc badge in file.
Document Commons BCEL 6.1 release on main website
Add empty changes entry for next release
Update for 6.1 release
Bump version number for next development iteration
Release Commons BCEL 6.1 based on RC1
Creating Commons BCEL 6.1-RC1 tag
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Update site for release 6.1
Happy new year (and it's almost 2018...)
Add release notes for 6.1 release
Updated download page in preparation for 6.1 release.
BCEL-293: Add Automatic-Module-Name MANIFEST entry for Java 9 compatibility
Update JNA dependency to the latest version
Remove none ASCII character from JavaDoc
Make CheckStyle happy