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[CLK-789]SpringClickServlet#toBeanName() use Introspector#decapitalize() to generate the Spring bean name from the page class name.
Removes @Override from interface methods.
Added license term and javadoc.
[CLK-782]FileField#getValueObject() is fixed to return FileItem.
  1. /trunk/click/mock/src/org/apache/click/fileupload
Fixed: CLK-785 Checking the parameter fieldList in ContainerUtils#copyObjectToContainer()
Applies library dependency changes.
Fixed old download links.
Update ClickIDE docs for ClickIDE
Add -R option to copy command to dist directory.
Updates version number to
Removes a development memo.
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Fixed: source folder shows only the element name
Docs updated to Click 2.3.0.
Docs updated to Click 2.3.0.
Docs updated to Click 2.3.0.
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Removes Click 2.2.0 docs.
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Fixed: disabling HTML validator does not work
Plug-in version is updated to
The root package of page classes does not required in Click 2.3.0.
Fixed a compiler warning.
Upgrade Click to 2.3.0.
Fixed compiler warnings.
Unnecessary single quotes from CLK-734
ClickIDE Released.
Update version number to ClickIDE
Update CayenneModeler to Cayenne 3.0.
Updates documentations.
Updates documentations.
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