omar al-safi <> in camel-git

Fix camel-debezium after the new configurations (#3266)

CAMEL-14009: Fix component index generation

CAMEL-14009: Revert wrong inheritance

CAMEL-14009: Make maven plugin configurable through pom configurations

CAMEL-14009: Fix docs

CAMEL-14009: Add unit tests and update docs

CAMEL-14009: Cleanup and fix dependencies

CAMEL-14009: dependencies cleanup

CAMEL-14009: Add last touches to the plugin

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CAMEL-14009: Progress

CAMEL-14009: Remove unwanted source files

CAMEL-14009: Add other files to the new location

CAMEL-14009: Add first working maven plugin to generate dbz configurations

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Add JAXB dependency note in the migration guide

CAMEL-14009: Add protected access modifier and method static keyword to srcgen

CAMEL-13988: Add Map data input support to Protobuf dataformat (#3206)

* CAMEL-13988: Initial protobuf converter from Map to Proto Message

Signed-off-by: Omar Al-Safi <>

* CAMEL-13988: Add tests and modify documentation for protobuf dataformat

Signed-off-by: Omar Al-Safi <>

Add in the documentation about the dependency inclusion

CAMEL-13990: Change from ERROR to WARN for the schema name message

Signed-off-by: Omar Al-Safi <>

CAMEL-13990: Add schema name checks in EndpointAnnotationProcessor

Signed-off-by: Omar Al-Safi <>

CAMEL-13989: Enhance schema name javadoc in UriEndpoint annotation

CAMEL-13980: Deprecate watermarks in model files and change return unchanged javaType

Signed-off-by: Omar Al-Safi <>

CAMEL-13964: Remove the invocation of PropertiesComponent

CAMEL-13964: Use camel-main instead of blocking thread manually

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CAMEL-13964: Add example to parent pom and change some logging to debug

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Update debezium-component.adoc

CAMEL-13964: Add debezium example using Cassandra with MySQL

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CAMEL-13969: Remove watermark on Classname when generated inner configuration class name

Update debezium-component.adoc

Update debezium-component.adoc to fix some typos and enhance some information about the message body

Revert back SpringFileWatcherTest

CAMEL-13954: Set file-watch events explicitly instead of relying on the auto generated property configurator